And Now, The Rest Of The Nelson Story

This is the real deal about what happened last weekend between DeMarcus Nelson and Duke - and how word got out.

Talk about letting the cat out of the bag. This weekend DeMarcus Nelson had a wonderful visit to the TOC and the Duke campus. DeMarcus and his dad were taken with's tradition, coaching and success. If Duke chooses to keep this low profile, I try to adhere. I enjoy letting Devil fans in on the happenings surrounding the program they covet, but I stop shy of working against the team - just for a scoop.

Needless to say, the word got out. His Dad and coaches took glee in the weekends success, and somewhere along the way- fans or writers with other school ties were told. It first appeared on THT, but was basically leaked by a local writer with UNC ties. Duke probably wanted to sit on it for a bit, in order to get proper transcripts and give the Nelsons an opportunity to think over the decision once they returned West

After talking with coaches involved with Nelson, I have been told that he will make this public knowledge. No time table was set for that. The other good news is that DeMarcus makes wonderful grades, and this should not be an issue.

I talked with a source close to DeMarcus about how he might be used this upcoming season, whether he'd play point or not. While he said he would like to, he said "That would be up to the coaches." He spoke of a 6-7 kid named Bradis McGriff who would take some of the pressure of Demarcus.

Many have worried about his point guard skills, but I'd put those to rest. He has two years to work on his handling skills, and the reason many questioned this was because of his impressive stats. He averaged 14.4 rebounds and is simply very aggressive on the court. He plays all over, and will certainly be an asset.

Others have voiced concern over his early recruitment. All I can say to that is you have to see his game. Also, he is a quality young man with a lot of upside, and will be an asset for the Blue Devils.

When our source about his skills, other than as a traditional point, he said "he has his own game." That will be evident with this fast developing young man.

His AAU Coaches toured Duke on Sunday and came away impressed and very excited. As of last night a source we talked to had over fifty emails. I guess that's the way it is in today's environment. 

Anyhow, call him "De" as thats what his teammates call him. That said, good decison De.

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