Quotes: Duke-96, Maryland-88

The Blue Devils met the media after beating the Terps in College Park

Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement:
"That was a heck of a game. Their crowd was great and their team was terrific. Maryland seemed to have an unbelievable energy to their play. I thought that each team was attacking each other, especially early on. It was such a high-paced game. Greg [Paulus] and Sean [Dockery] really asserted themselves tonight and that's what made the difference. We're happy about the win because we beat a really good team today."

On Maryland's defense of J.J. Redick:
"JJ came out today and got 35 points in a very workmanlike way. Maryland did a really good job on him defensively early on and we had to try to change things to get him the ball. At the end, when they had to foul, we tried to put him in a position to be the guy who got fouled. Other guys played off him instead of just watching him today and that's what made the difference."

On Shelden Williams:
"Shelden is a great defensive player. He ended up with seven blocks, but I think he altered many more shots. We're very lucky to have him, I wouldn't trade him for anyone."

On Maryland's play:
"Maryland played a hell of a basketball game today. They played like Gary's teams always play. They came out in the second half and made a good run at us too, but we were able to keep them two or three possessions away. It came down to the wire. They hit every 3-pointer, but we were able to inbound the ball and make our free throws."

Duke Forward Shelden Williams:

On his defense in the low post:
"My job is the last line of defense. If I don't block the shot, I still have a presence where they know I'm coming over. Even if I don't block the shot, I still have the presence of mind to be there to alter the shot. I think that's a great thing for our basketball team to have that low-post defensive presence."

On his team's outside shooting:
"Greg [Paulus] and Sean [Dockery] were shooting the ball well from the outside, so they couldn't just double-down every time we got the ball to the low post. Once I see my teammates stepping up and hitting those shots, it makes my job a lot easier."

On playing at Comcast Center:
"It's great getting a win here, especially with the fans they have. We kind of silenced the crowd and it was a great feeling walking off the court. It's always great to get a win on the road. Hopefully, we can win out the rest of the league games and end with a special ACC season."

Duke Guard Greg Paulus

On the outside shooting of the Duke guards:
"We get a lot of chances and a lot of opportunities to shoot the ball. Sometimes we try to pass it off or sometimes we try to make another play. When it's the right play, we'll shoot it, especially when we have good rebounding position. We're pretty good shooters. We're very confident in that and today they went down for us."

On playing at Comcast Center:
"We got the win. We did a good job of silencing them. We kept getting good starts to each half to keep them out of it. It was a good position for us to be in."

On Duke's strategy against Maryland:
"We felt that we could get some good looks by running our sets. Defensively, we tried to rebound and keep them off the glass."

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