K: Weekly Press Conference Quotes

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski met the media on Monday afternoon to discuss a variety of topics

Opening Statements:
We had a good win against Miami yesterday, and J.J. ofcourse broke our all time scoring record that Johnny Dawkins had held for 20 years, so that's a big accomplishment and it was a big win for our program. It made sure we're going to be the number one seed for the ACC Tournament. Now we have to go on the road for a few games, and we need to continue our level of play there.

Remembering his first Final Four team
That's the best class we've ever had. They [1986 class] came in and didn't win as freshmen, but won 37 games as seniors. That commitment they showed to me and to each other was really the foundation on which we built our program. Thank goodness we still have one of those guys around today on our staff in Johnny Dawkins. They were good kids and they are great men now. We've tried to always identify with what the group was doing and just not the individual, and that group really personified that.

On Offensive Efficiency and J.J. Redick's scoring prowess
There's no set way to measure efficiency. J.J. has been incredibly efficient for us. He had 30 points on 15 shots yesterday. A couple weeks ago he had 40 points on 13 shots. He had 22 in the first half against Miami, then in the second half he spent most of his time trying to pass the ball, because that was the play. That's what he does. J.J. makes the play, and he's been incredibly efficient this year especially this year with his scoring. Most times you see a guy scoring that much they are volume shooters and J.J. is certainly not that.

On recruiting J.J. Redick
I was excited when I first saw him play. He played with amazing enthusiasm and he could really shoot the ball. He was well coached, and his coach gave him the freedom to use his talent in high school. Then he played with Boo Williams in AAU and that was really good for him also, because he got to play with other players and use his talents with other players who were very talented. That commitment by both of those coaches really helped shape him into a player I knew would be very good. Of course he's been better than that since, as one of the best to come here.

On Shelden Williams in the background
I don't know if he's been in the background, that's up to you guys to talk about something else. I think it's good that you are asking the question because it shows you recognize that he's been successful and he should be a first team All-American candidate and a National Player of the Year candidate. You know Shelden does for us on the defensive end what J.J. does for us on the offensive end. He's been our anchor. He also scores a lot for us also. Having those two guys for four years has been great.

The thing that Shelden does is that it's not just the shots he blocks, it's the shots he changes. People know he's out there, and even if he doesn't get a hand on a shot, people know he's there and he's got a real presence that can affect another player's shot, and does on just about every play.

On Going Undefeated in ACC Play
No, that's not a goal. The goal is to just get better. Things like that can happen, but this league is crazy and that has never been a goal for us. To win the regular season was a goal and be a No. 1 seed for the tournament was definitely a goal.

On His Commitments Other Than Duke Providing A Recruiting Advantage
I don't think we need that. I don't think it gives us an edge. If anything I think people use it against you because they tell kids you're not going to be with them. Whatever edges we have here at Duke are because we have a great school and a great program. I don't believe we have any edges.

The other stuff I do, whether it be with the V-foundation or my mom's center or international coaching, I don't think it gets in the way. It's part of the responsibility you have to use your success to do something positive. If we didn't do anything I think that would be derelict on our part.

On The Best Qualities Of His Team
It has a good spirit. The kids all like each other; no one is jealous or anything, and they listen well. They want to learn and want to please. We haven't had any remote attitude problems. It's just a good group.

On Redick Approaching The ACC Scoring Record
In order to break any record, you have to play a lot of games and play well in most of them. J.J. has great talent, and great endurance and he's really taken care of himself. Hopefully he'll continue to do that so he can show up every game and use that talent. And some of that is luck, because people get hurt and he's been fortunate to stay healthy.

On Redick's Motivation
J.J. is all about winning and being on a great team. He's about fulfilling his responsibilities on that team and it shows. He's been really good about doing that in the last year. He's really a good defensive player, and should be considered one of the league's best defensive players – he's been that good.

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