Player Quotes: Duke Vs. North Carolina

Several players met the media following Saturday night's loss to North Carolina

Senior J.J. Redick:
"You obviously know you're going to lose some games at some point. It's obviously really frustrating to be on a two-game losing streak. Carolina played a great game. In the big scheme of things, this game doesn't really mean a whole lot as far as ACC [Tournament] seeding, but it means something to us and it meant something to them, so we're obviously disappointed."

"27-3 is a great record, especially with the schedule we faced. It's been an interesting season because we were trying to mix so many youngs guys with old guys and we did a good job. If we play well in Greensboro, then we might put ourselves in a position to be a number one seed, which would be a great thing, and we could be right back in Greensboro the next week. Our season isn't over. The regular season is - this part of the season has come to an end. We just have to take the next step and move on to the next play."

"Tonight, we just didn't play good defense at key times. Any time we did get a lead, we just let up on the defensive end. And Carolina was just so aggressive and really relentless tonight on both end of the floor."

Senior Shelden Williams:
"Carolina played great. Everytime we went on a run, they answered back with a big shot. They weren't backing down, and we expected that from Carolina. We know that they're a good team, number two in the conference, so you know it was going to be a tough game, especially with the rivalry. They played really well against us."

"The team that we saw tonight is more mature than when we played them at their place in Chapel Hill. They're a team that's going to keep progressing and keep getting better, and if we meet down the line in the ACC Tournament, hopefully we'll have a different outcome."

"We've got to regroup and rebuild. We've got a week before the ACC Tournament starts, so we have to kind of analyze things. We're still 14-2 in the Conference, so we still did a pretty good job. Our two losses just came at the end. It's just something that we're lucky we're experiencing now, and hopefully we don't have that same problem down the line."

Senior Sean Dockery:
"It's a disappointment. You always want to go out with a bang, but you have to give it to Carolina. They played great today, they played together, they played as a team. They played great ball. We have to get on with this loss."

"Two losses - you just have to learn from them. I know this team. We're a bunch of guys who care about each other and do anything for us to win and get on the right path, so I'm not worried about it. I know we'll be back."

Sophomore DeMarcus Nelson:
"They got a lot of easy buckets in transition, either getting rebounds or steals. They just got a lot of run-outs, and we didn't get back and we didn't play Duke defense. We didn't play like our normal selves on the defensive end. That made a big difference in this game."

"[Losing this game] is very hard to swallow. We played very hard out there, and to come up short tonight against Carolina in this game is very hard to swallow. It makes it even harder because you put so much effort into it to win this game for the seniors and to end our last game at home on a positive note. It's a bad feeling we have to leave home with."

"We have to get better. There are a lot of things we can do to get better. This feeling that this team is feeling tonight. This hurt and this pain has to motivate us this coming week to get better and to prepare and get refreshed for the ACC Tournament. We really have to come out in the ACC Tournament and really have an edge and a fire in each and every one of us."

"[Losing two in a row] keeps reminding us and lets us know that if we don't play together on both ends and if we don't play well, we'll lose. Somehow, maybe people put out there that we're invincible, but we're not. Sometimes a team can get caught up in that, and each loss just knocks us right over the head and says, ‘Hey, if you don't play your best, you don't play defense, you don't rebound, you don't play together on offense, then you can lose.' We have to get better."

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