Quotes: Duke vs. Southern

Coach K, Greg Paulus and Josh McRoberts met the media following Saturday's victory over Southern.

Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening remarks
"Southern played great. Rob's (Spivery) a heck of a coach and his kids played like champions. I thought we came out, and I thought we were ready to play, but we were ready to play the wrong way. We were just going to fast break, and do one-on-one, and we looked bad. They made us look bad, and we made us look bad. Thank goodness that Shelden (Williams) played an amazing game. In the second half, once we got organized and played better in the half court, our defense was excellent. They hit four three's in a row, but other than that our defense was really good, and we executed a lot better on the offensive end. We had 20 turnovers in tonight's game, and we had 25 for the whole ACC Tournament. We did not value the ball. I think part of it, we thought it was going to be easier, and this tournament is not easy. Hopefully we learned that lesson."

On whether or not the players took a step back tonight
"I don't think you take steps forward and back, I just think you play. This isn't like an English course where you flunk the last paper. They're good players. Sometimes they don't play as well.

"They're good players, we have confidence in them. They didn't play as well tonight for a variety of reasons. They'll show up and I'm sure they'll play well on Saturday."

On how Southern created problems
"Obviously, they played really well. They're a really good team. They have a good system, they came to play, they looked like they were having fun, they were together, and they never let up. In order for somebody to look bad, somebody usually makes them look bad. That's primarily what happened. Southern played well, and then we didn't respond to the level that we needed to combat that for most of the game. The main reason was Southern's play, not our own ineptitude, or we just didn't show up, or we were just looking to take steps backward. Southern knocks you back."

On his conversation with Greg Paulus following his seventh turnover
"We're not here, and we're not who we are without him. He didn't have the game that he would like, but we wouldn't be a No. 1 seed if he didn't play well. We're ACC champs, so next play. I just wanted to make sure that he wasn't walking off that court not knowing that we're together. We're together in this."

On Duke's Offense
"We would like to have more guys enter into the offensive than what was there tonight. I haven't looked at GW at all. I watched them a couple times during the season, and I know they have great depth and they like to play a fast-paced game, which lends itself to more people scoring. We're probably going to have to handle the ball a lot better against them."

Greg Paulus
"They played great. Shelden and J.J. they've been doing a great job for us all year long. They were terrific again tonight. We need to have everybody else contributing in one way or another. It doesn't have to be scoring, it could be rebounding, long rebounds, steals, whatever it may be, but we need everyone to contribute a little more on Saturday."

Josh McRoberts
"We definitely didn't take a step forward today. Neither one of us did. Good thing about the Tournament and playing in this atmosphere is that we have another chance on Saturday."

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