Va Quarterbak is a Two Sport Star

Russell Wilson is a talented quarterback prospect and just as good of a baseball recruit.

The upcoming decisions for Russell Wilson will come on several different levels, even deciding if he wants to play football or baseball. The Collegiate High athlete from Richmond, Va. is a star quarterback getting major looks and a star in baseball.

"I am playing shortstop and pitcher right now," said Wilson, who is getting some attention as a pro baseball prospect. "I will play wherever they want me to play me, but probably either the infield or outfield even though I've never played that."

Wilson has a lot of interest in sticking with football, but quite a bit depends on what opportunities he receives.

"I haven't asked anybody about if they were thinking about offering, they all said they were interested in me playing quarterback. We run a spread offense here that is similar to college offenses, and I have escapability and make defenses think a little bit, so they all like that."

Wilson is hearing from Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisville, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, and Duke, but as of yet he cannot find time to make it to any campus.

"I have been to Alabama's junior day for practice. I got really close to their quarterbacks to see what I could do similar to them. That was a great experience to see the coaches and meet my recruiting coach, but it was my only junior day.

"I was invited to spring games at Virginia, North Carolina, Florida State, Louisville, and Virginia Tech, but I haven't had a chance to see any. A lot of them are on the same day as our baseball games, but I am going to try to take every opportunity to see the schools."

After baseball ends, Wilson will have a very busy schedule trying to keep the attention up.

"On May 20 I am going to the Scout Combine then I go back for the Louisville camp. Then I am going to UNC, Wake Forest, Clemson, Duke, Vanderbilt, and I will try to get to Alabama. I have been to Virginia the last two years."

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