Blue Devils High On Bama OL

As was the case in the class of 2006 recruiting season, the Blue Devils are once again on the prowl for big time offensive line prospects. Not only does Duke need O-linemen, they need O-linemen who can come in and compete very early in their careers for playing time. One name that sits atop the 2007 recruiting board is Alabama's Nathan Burow.

"Right now I have heavy interest from Duke, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Georgia Tech," says Grissom High standout offensive tackle Nathan Burow. "I guess you could call that my list of favorites right now. Both Duke and Tennessee have said that once they get spring tape, and I come for camp I'll have offers."

It's certainly easy to see why the Blue Devils and Volunteers have interest in Burow. He certainly passes the look test for a prospective offensive lineman, measuring in at 6-foot-5 and 310 pounds. He's also proven to be his team's strongest player this spring by winning the annual Grissom High Lift-a-thon with an aggregate score of 1,180 pounds.

"We classify our weight lifters by a one rep max in three main lifts. Bench Press, Power Clean, and Parallel Squat," said head coach Ron Massey. "We have four weight class honor groups 1000lb, 900lb, and 800lb Clubs and a 700lb club for those weighing less than 160lb. These clubs are achieved by adding the totals of their 3 main lifts."

Burow tested out with a 330 pound bench press, 550 pound squat, and 300 pound power clean to win the event by a total of 150lbs. The squat and power clean marks are school records.

Not satisfied to just perform in the weight room, Burow says he's working to improve his overall game in order to make an impact from the first moment he sets foot on a college campus.

"Right now I'm a very good run blocker, but I need to get better with my footwork in order to become a better blocker in the passing game. I think the desire to get better and improve; along with my work ethic is my strongest trait at this point."

Planning to camp at all four schools mentioned, Burow says his goal is to be committed to a school before the end of the summer recruiting season, and has recently taken time to visit each of the four schools.

"I want to put the process behind me by the time my senior season starts. That way I can concentrate on finishing up strong."

His visit to Duke certainly made a strong impression, and has pushed the Blue Devils to into a positive light despite the recent rash of negative media.

"I really enjoyed my time at Duke, and I really like their staff. Coach Spencer and I talk a lot. We email, text message, and talk on the phone regularly. The entire university was a great place. It's a top notch institution and the people down there seemed very friendly. I want to major in either economics or physics, and a degree from a place like Duke would go a long way in helping me succeed in either field. The coaches and I have talked about coming in and playing early in my career. They play more freshman and sophomores than anyone in the country, so that would give me a chance to really have a chance to compete early on."

"As far as the negative publicity they've gotten down there – it's not really a big factor to me. Sure it's negative for the university and they'll have to overcome that for the next few months and years, but it won't influence my decision."

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