White Wants More Offers

Stephen White has been very active this Spring and has big plans this Summer on the camp tour. He received a couple of SEC offers several weeks back from Vanderbilt and Mississippi State. Things are about to get very busy for Stephen.

"Spring practice starts on Monday. I believe my technique is better. The past couple of years, I have been just pushing the guy back and just overpowering the guy. Now I am getting the rip and the swim down," said White.

White plays on both sides of the ball, but says that he will more than likely play offensive line in college. A few other schools are starting to express more interest.

"I have heard from Coach Burns from Clemson. He called me on Monday. I have kind of narrowed things down, but my options are still open," said White.

To make sure he gets a better look at his options Stephen has visited a couple of schools with plans for a few more.

"I have visited Clemson and UVA (Virginia) and I really like those two a lot, but my options are still open right now," said White. "I am just trying to see what else is out there. I am going to go to a couple of camps this Summer, so I will have seen more colleges."

White has planned to pay a vist to Mississippi State and Vanderbilt this Summer.

"Those (schools) are definitely options for me. They are major division one colleges. I haven't visited them yet. They are on my schedule to visit. After I make my visits is when I am really going to make a decision," explained White.

Stephen will visit Mississippi State on June 2nd and Vanderbilt June 17th. He will also camp at Clemson, Vanderbilt and possibly Duke.

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