TOC Focus: Anthony Crater

The class of 2008 is still on the horizon as far as big time recruiting goes. In today's college landscape there are so many variables that pop up at any time. Current players declaring for the NBA Draft is always a possibility. Players transferring is another one. Still, the class of 2008 has begun to yield some early high major targets, led by Michigan point guard Anthony Crater.

As a sophomore Anthony Crater hit up the competition for 14 points and 10 assists per game for Flint (Mich.) Southwestern. As a junior, those numbers are likely to be ratcheted up even further because Crater is getting better -- a scary thought for opposing coaches and players.

Described by Dave Telep as a "slick assist man who limits mistakes and can fill it up from the perimeter", Crater has seen interest from several high majors pick up over the last few months.

"I've got offers from Ohio State, Iowa, and Marquette so far," says Crater. "I don't have a set list or anything, but the schools I like are Duke, Illinois, Ohio State, Marquette, Michigan State, Michigan, North Carolina, Kansas, Arizona, Louisville, Iowa, and Louisville."

While the Blue Devils have yet to offer Crater, they do find themselves in a position enviable to every other school on the list.

"I grew up watching how they play and I really like how Coach K runs the team. Their style with players like Jason Williams and Chris Duhon was what I'm looking for. It was always a goal for me to end up playing for Duke. But there are a lot of schools I could fit in with. It's why you go through a process like this."

While it was a dream for him to end up playing for the Blue Devils as a kid, many players end up playing out their hoop dreams at other schools for one reason or another. That's why Crater is heading into the process with an open mind, but he's hoping to keep the recruiting process low key.

"Honestly I'm a humble kid and it's hard to really talk about myself when the media jumps on me. My main thing is just to be humble and realize that things could be a whole lot worse. It's a blessing to be this publicized and to get all this attention."

"When it comes time to make a decision, I'm going to look for a school that fits me on and off the court. With Duke I am hoping to make a visit with them sometime in the near future, but it all depends on scheduling. I'd like a chance to meet with Coach K to get acquainted though."

On Friday night "Noopy" as he's known to his family and teammates finished with just six points, four assists (though it could have been double figures had his teammates converted a number of easy lay-ins), three rebounds, and four steals in an easy victory that came four minutes early due to the mercy rule.

And how did he come up with the nickname Noopy?

"When I was growing up my aunt told me I looked a lot like Snoopy the dog. It kind of developed from that."

Crater says he plans to attend the Reebok ABCD camp in New Jersey later this summer and will look to make various unofficial visits over the next 18 months before making a decision before the start of his senior high school season.

"Right now I'm just taking the process in as best I can, but it's not the major focus. I have things to work on. I need to become a better defender, a better shooter, and a better passer. I also need to work on adding strength and bulk to my frame. I'll probably know where I'm going to school some time next summer."

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