Will Camp Yield An Offer For Big Alabama OL?

Every summer the Duke football camp attracts some big names and some big time prospects. Then there are the players on the recruiting radar who blow up and earn a scholarship offer based on their performance in Durham. One big time Alabama lineman will likely fall somewhere in between.

"I'm heading up to Duke on the 16th for their camp," says Grissom High standout offensive tackle Nathan Burow. "I'll be attending Vanderbilt's camp on the 17th. I've already visited Duke and I really enjoyed my time there."

Burow, who says the Blue Devils and Commodores are currently the most attractive programs on his steadily growing list of potential suitors, indicates the Duke coaching staff may want to chat with him during his stay at camp.

"They had previously told me to send them some junior tape, and I did that pretty fast. They said that if the tape looked good and I did well at camp, then there would be an offer for me soon. I'm looking forward to that."

In a class where the need again centers around the offensive line, Burow appears to be just what the doctor ordered for head coach Ted Roof and his staff. He measures out at 6'5 and a shade over 300 pounds, but don't be fooled. He's also strong as the proverbial ox. Something he proved by winning his football team's annual "Lift-a-Thon".

"We classify our weight lifters by a one rep max in three main lifts. Bench Press, Power Clean, and Parallel Squat," said Grissom head coach Ron Massey. "We have four weight class honor groups 1000lb, 900lb, and 800lb Clubs and a 700lb club for those weighing less than 160lb. These clubs are achieved by adding the totals of their 3 main lifts."

Burow tested out with a 330 pound bench press, 550 pound squat, and 300 pound power clean to win the event by a total of 150lbs. The squat and power clean marks are school records.

The powerful prospect says he hopes to make his decision before the end of the summer.

"That's the plan. I would like to go into my senior year knowing where I'm going, so I can focus totally on helping my team be successful."

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