Scouting Report: Patrick Patterson

By now anyone following Blue Devil recruiting in the class of 2007 knows Duke is in search of a big man prospect. With the departure of rising sophomore Josh McRoberts almost a certainty next May, head coach Mike Krzyzewski and his staff are in need of another player to mix it up inside. One name to emerge is 6'8, 235lbs Patrick Patterson. But just who is he?

To answer that question, sat down with's National Recruiting Director Dave Telep to get a detailed scouting report on Patrick Patterson. Last weekend at the annual Memorial Day Classic in Nashville, Patterson and teammate Ed Davis (2008 F) powered Boo Williams for much of the weekend – something that had become commonplace throughout the spring.

As is usually the case, big performances in the spring yield big results on the recruiting trail. For Patterson it's attracted the Blue Devils, who were in contact with his coaching staff shortly after the weekend.

"I mean they have sent me letters, but I haven't talked to them," Patterson said of Duke's interest on Saturday afternoon. That changed in the span of just three days.

Moving forward Patterson appears to be one of the top targets on the recruiting radar as the Blue Devils look to round out a four man class in the rising crop of seniors. With both Taylor King and Nolan Smith on board, Duke will look at add Oregon SF Kyle Singler and one frontcourt player.

Read on for Telep's scouting report.


Dave Telep: Physically he is ready to come in and play as a true freshman. He uses his body to rebound and understands first and foremost that he's a power forward and that's where he's going to be successful. A big thing to remember here is that he's gotten better with each passing season.


I'm looking for him to begin stringing together complete games and making the mid-range shot with more consistency. By "complete games" I mean coming out with the same intensity in each half. This happens a lot with big kids as they come out guns blazing in the first half and empty the tank. He's doing a better job of pacing himself so that he's got some left in the second.

To Become An Elite High Major Patterson Must…

There are only so many "elite" high-majors and while I think he's an outstanding player, and a Top 30 to 40 talent. The elite guys are the Top 15 to 25 guys and that might be a little bit of a stretch. There's nothing wrong with being a stud high-major guy like Patterson is and will be. If he's going to move into the elite category then we are talking about a guy who becomes a major offensive and rebounding force each time out. A guy that carries his team's load nearly all of the time while forcing opponents to react to what he does 100% of the time. If Patterson is "elite" he'll continue to announce his presence. Check back at the end of July.

Comparing Patterson to Other High Major PFs:

Clearly, Kevin Love is in his own category. Oklahoma's Blake Griffin is in the midst of a resurgence where he's dominating. Patterson is in the category with Vaughn though Julian has more natural perimeter ability than Patterson. You'll find that those guys are generally thought of and rated in the same vicinity and on a given day you could probably flip flop either. Right now Patterson has the momentum based on his current performances while Vaughn's spring/summer is just beginning because of an injury.

Patterson's Game Translates to the next level as…

A starter in a big conference, and a very good player.

A comparison for Patterson:

I'm bad with comparisons unless they just stick out and one does not here

Is he a big time athlete or more of a plodding blue collar guy?

Actually, he's neither. He's a well built, athletic power forward. He's not tip dunking or exploding in traffic but at the same time he's able to run the floor with a purpose and finish strong. He's got more blue collar to his game but I want to make sure he's given credit for being athletic. I wouldn't say he's explosive inside but he has athleticism on the interior.

Patrick Patterson, No. 36 - Watch Video

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