Big Connecticut WR Will Camp With Duke

The annual camp circuit usually produces some previously unknown (on a national level) talent. That certainly could be the case of Connecticut's Alex Young who will be visiting Durham in hopes of earning an offer.

Alex Young, a 6-5, 195-pound wider receiver from Westminster School in Conn. has been receiving a hefty amount of recruiting interest.

"I have heard form over 75 different schools," Young said. "Michigan State, Syracuse, Penn State, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Maryland, Duke, Stanford, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Illinois and all eight of the Ivy League schools have been showing me interest.

"A lot of the schools want me to come by and attend camp so that they can see me in person. We only play a seven game schedule here, so it is hard for them to get a lot of film. I just want to get out to those camps, and hopefully something will come to fruition from those.

"I am going to senior camps at Duke, Wake Forest, Dartmouth, Harvard and Yale. I am going to try to get to a camp at Virginia.

"I am also going to really try to make it out to Stanford. They are a school that seems extremely interested in me, and they said that it would be beneficial for me to come out."

Young plays both ways, but most schools are recruiting him for the offensive side of the ball.

"I have mainly turned myself into a wide receiver and concentrate on the offensive side of the ball," Young explained. "My size is a big advantage, but I also think that I use my hands real well. Catching the ball with my hands and not letting it get into my body. Creating separation from the defensive backs, or whoever is on me."

In six games as a junior Young had 24 catches for 495 yards and three scores in six earning All-League honors.

Young reports a 3.9 GPA and an 1890 SAT.

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