Utt: "There's A Real Chance I End Up There"

One of the more noticable players in attendance over the weekend in Durham was Atlanta's Garrett Utt. Utt, who graduated from Lovett School a year ago remains a big target on the Duke recruiting board a year later. Utt spoke with Scout.com on Sunday to update where his recruitment stands.

"Right now I'd say I'm just taking the process in and looking at all my options," says Garrett Utt. "I've got offers from a couple of places, including Duke."

Schools such as Kentucky, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Duke, Maryland, Clemson, Central Florida, North Carolina, Indiana, Illinois and Virginia were all showing interest in the 6-foot-4 quarterback prospect in early 2005. However, an injury forced him to miss the final third of his senior season and the interest seemed to wane.

Rather than cut his losses and move on from the game, Utt says he will enroll at Hargrave Military Academy where he'll continue to learn the position of tight end over the 2006 football season.

The biggest part of the positional change for Utt hasn't been the role change of catching passes instead of throwing them, but the responsibility of picking up blocks as another offensive lineman. However, he's got a solid bit of coaching away from his school programs in that area.

"My dad played for the Indianapolis Colts for eight seasons on the offensive line (as a guard). He's really helped me work on blocking and picking up reads."

On Saturday Utt showed up at the Duke One Day Camp, and worked out in the weight room early. He measured out at a legit 6-foot-4 and tipped the scales at nearly 220 pounds.

"That's something Coach Roof wants me to work on. I'm working on getting bigger, and I think he's happy with that. I'm working hard to be bigger each time I see the coaches at Duke."

So why did Utt show up at the Blue Devils' camp after being there last year?

"I think you can call Duke my leader at this point. They have stayed with me through the injury and that means something. Right now I'm still looking around, but I think there is a real chance I'll end up there. Of course anything can happen, and nothing is official at this time."

Utt will be re-evaluated as a tight end by Scout.com's experts over the course of the next few months.

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