Camp Gets A Big Visitor Today

After camping at Tennessee earlier in the week, Alabama's Nathan Burow will show up today at Duke's three day camp with hopes of making a big impression on the Duke coaching staff. That shouldn't be too difficult as Burrow is one of the most physically imposing targets on the recruiting board.

"Right now I'm in the middle of making a couple of trips," says Grissom High offensive lineman Nathan Burow. "I've already been to Tennessee and now I'm going to Duke and Vanderbilt this weekend."

In constant contact with Volunteer, Blue Devil, and Commodore coaching staffs, Burow is hoping that he can test well enough at the three different camps to earn offers. He has already passed the physical "look" test of a division one offensive tackle, measuring in at 6-foot-5 and 310 pounds.

"They had previously told me to send them some junior tape, and I did that pretty fast. They said that if the tape looked good and I did well at camp, then there would be an offer for me soon. I'm looking forward to finally meeting everyone face to face."

Burow tested out with a 330 pound bench press, 550 pound squat, and 300 pound power clean during his junior season in the Grissom High weight room Lift-a-thon. The bench press and power clean are school records.

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