Big Chicago DL Has Three Early

Usually when this site reports on a Chicago area prospect that measures nearly 6-foot-8 and 235 pounds the story ends up with analysis from Scout's Dave Telep and a recap of the basketball team's interest to this point in whichever hoops talent we're speaking of. However, this story centers not on a hoops star, but an intriguing prospect on the gridiron.

Standing 6-foot-8 and tipping the scales anywhere between 235 and 240 pounds, Chicago's St. Rita High School's Matt Conrath is a virtual unknown to several football recruiting analysts. But they are quickly learning that Conrath is a target on many programs' recruiting board.

"Right now I have offers from Duke, Stanford, and Vanderbilt," says Conrath. "I am also getting a lot of interest from Illinois and Northwestern."

The Blue Devils were the fist school to extend an offer after assistant coach Larry Kerr received tape from Conrath's head coach. From there Duke evaluated and then decided to offer a position along the ever improving defensive line. Of course the offer was a bit of a surprise.

"It just kind of came out of nowhere for me. I had known my coach had sent out film to different schools, but I wasn't expecting an offer to come so quickly. It was a real good feeling for me."

Soon after the Blue Devils broke the ice, Stanford and Vanderbilt came through. Now it's just a matter of who else is ready to take the next step with Conrath. Of course there is a very noticeable trend developing here.

"I really like the strong academic schools at this point. When football is over we're all going to need to be able to get a job and make a living in the real world. A degree from a top academic school is something that is very attractive. It's why I'm really looking at a lot of top schools."

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