Big Time LB Leaves Duke Camp Wth An Offer

For many high school players summer camps are a chance to showcase their natural abilities, leaving it up to the various coaching staffs to assign a future position. That's certain the case with Byrnes (S.C.) High standout Chad Diehl who has played along the offensive line, but will terrorize opposing running backs at the next level.

"I've come up through high school playing offensive tackle," explains Chad Diehl. "But in college I'm going to be a middle linebacker – at least that is what all the schools are recruiting me to be."

It's easy to see why. At 6-foot-2, and 235 pounds with 4.6 forty speed, Diehl is the prototypical middle linebacker for high major programs. He's not on fast, he's also strong, boasting maxes of 340 pounds on the bench; 470 pounds on the squat; 315 pounds on the power clean; and 250 pounds on the seated press.

"That's one thing I pride myself on – being stronger than the guys I face. I really enjoy tackle, but at linebacker I can just hit people. That's why I was so excited when I got to lineup there last year. I was able to just line them up and lay them out."

Diehl, who has already picked up an offer from Virginia Tech, spent the last week making a trip to Clemson and then to Duke. The Tigers continued their recruiting pitch, but it was the Blue Devils who made the bigger impression.

"I talked to Clemson's coaching staff and they keep telling me nice things about my abilities. They said they think I can play there, but they want to watch some tape of me and know that I can make plays, so we'll see where that ends up."

"On Friday I went to Duke to work out in their sessions. I worked with Coach Sherrod a lot, and then Coach Roof took me up to his office and told me that they had already seen my tape and they were very impressed. He offered me a scholarship right there. It was really exciting because Duke is such a great place. The campus is just beautiful and I really liked all their coaches. It's a great environment as well and, of course, the academics speak for themselves."

Diehl currently recites an early list of favorites including the Blue Devils, Hokies, and Tigers. Joining those three programs are Georgia Tech and Wake Forest, both of which Diehl says he will camp with later this summer.

With an early list, Diehl says he is unsure if he'll utilize all five official visits.

"At this point it's up in the air. I am just working to find the right school with the right environment. A place that I like the coaches, the school, and the football program. I'll probably take a few official visits though."

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