Duke Closing In On Package Deal

Many Duke fans who have taken a moment to check out TDD's 2007 Football Recruiting Board have asked just who are Cameron and Colin Jones? Shortly after that initial question is posed, the next is ‘Why is Duke considered the leader?' So, TDD went to the source and spoke with the brothers Jones for an update.

Cameron Jones and Colin Jones have probably been on the Duke recruiting radar as long as any prospect the Blue Devils are currently recruiting in the class of 2007. Their recruitment began over two years ago, and could very well be over sooner than later.

"Around the beginning of our senior year we started getting a lot of interest from a number of different schools," said Colin Jones. "From the start we were hearing Michigan, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Stanford, and some other schools in that region. A little later on we really started hearing from Duke as well."

In fact the Blue Devils immediately began putting on a full court press, offering scholarships to both Colin and Cameron – something other schools seemed reluctant to do. The only other program willing to offer both was Stanford, and soon the Cardinal and Blue Devils began to emerge as the clear leaders.

"We told all of the schools from the beginning that we were absolutely going to be a package deal. That was never in doubt. After a while it really started coming down to both of us wanting to attend a school with world class academics, which is why Duke and Stanford were our top two."

"Near the end of the period, Stanford had some legacy recruits out west, and went in another direction to fill those needs. Duke had also filled up faster than they thought, but the coaches told us we could prep a year, so that's what we're doing this fall. We'll be at Mercersburg as post graduates."

Identical twins in nearly every sense of the word, Cameron and Colin both measure out at 5-foot-10 and 185 pounds. Both have been clocked running 4.49 forties and they both have very similar weight room numbers – putting up 315 pounds on the bench press and 425 pounds on the squat, and they both have vertical jumps of 38 inches.

Those physical gifts will certainly be needed as they will graduate from playing high school football at Greenwich High in Connecticut to a league that produced several D-I players a season ago including Myron Rolle (the nation's #1 overall prospect) and current Duke freshman Vincent Rey.

"Playing in that league is a challenge we are ready for. We are working hard this summer to make sure we have a chance to compete at our best, because we'll need to. This extra year also will give us a chance to really figure out where we fit in on the field the best from a positional standpoint."

Last season Colin lined up as a running back, corner back, and wide receiver. Meanwhile Cameron lined up as a receiver, running back, and free safety. Both have been told they will likely enter Duke as athletes and be assigned positions based on their performances in preseason workouts. That is if they commit to the Blue Devils, of course.

"I think you can basically call us 90% sure we're going to Duke. They have been with us for so long and they have shown a lot of loyalty. Our dad went to Duke and was a second team All-American, and our cousin, Tielor Robinson is there now. He went to West Point a year ago, and he will make a big impact for them this year. That guy is a monster."

Though the Jones twins are identical twins, they will likely differ in one important role when their football playing days are behind them.

"I'm going to major in either pre-law or business," said Colin. "And Cameron is going to probably go pre-med. So we'll have deal with being on opposite sides of things every now and then."

But not any time soon.

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