A Hill To Climb With Patterson?

The majority of the top 25 players in the country have been performing at a high level for a long time. But there are a few players that have slowly put themselves in the position to be ranked among the best, and Patrick Patterson is one of them.

The 6-8, 235-pounder has shot up the rankings and is making a case for the McDonald's All-American game. He's a work horse in the paint, has a knack for rebounding and he's beginning to extend his game by shooting mid range jumpers. Patterson attributed his success to playing with a new AAU team.

"During the summer I play for Boo Williams and what he tries to emphasize to me is that I have to learn to turn around and face the basket and take bigger guys than me, that are taller bigger and probably even stronger guys than me, to the basket and face them up and learn to make the 15 to 20 footer off the glass. That's what I'm trying to work on."

With schools like Florida, Wake Forest, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma and Duke after him he has plenty of options. The Blue Devils are the latest to make a run at him and he's been hearing from them a lot lately.

"He's texted me and they've been sending stuff in the mail," Patterson said. "Coach Collins calls me every now and then too and I call him and my mom calls him."

So what does he think about Duke?

"I mean I like Duke," Patrick Patterson said. "Coach K is a legend and a great coach and they have always had great basketball players. Just like this year they had a bunch of great basketball players playing in the game and on the bench it's a bunch of high school All-Americans."

However the Blue Devils still have a hill to climb. Wake Forest and Kentucky have been after him for a few years and he's had mutual interest in both for a long time.

"Where I was growing up I always liked Kentucky and Wake. They're going to be in my top six. They've been with me since my freshmen year."

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