Michigan Signal Caller Picks Duke

A day after landing one of the running backs who will lead the Blue Devil rushing attack, the Duke coaching staff has also gotten a bit of good news in the quarterbacking department as Michigan standout Mike Cappetto has committed to Duke. TheDevilsDen.com spoke with Cappetto on Friday night to get the details.

"I am committed to Duke," said 6-foot-5, 210 pound Michigan quarterback Mike Cappetto. "I really believe the coaching staff has the program heading in the right direction, and I wanted to be a big part of that."

After a solid performance at the Duke one day camp in early June, Cappetto soon fielded an offer from the Blue Devils. That offer came while he was in attendance at Cincinatti's camp. From there it took just a few weeks for him to make it official.

"Duke and Cincinnatti were the first two programs to start recruiting me, and Duke was always number one on my list. So after the offer came in, I really didn't have too much to think about. I got along great with the coaching staff and I think they are all awesome coaches and people. There wasn't too much else to making the decision. The program is going the right way and the academics speak for themselves, which was the most important thing to my parents."

Recruited by assistant John Strollo initially, Cappetto says he started forming a solid relationship with both offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien and head coach Ted Roof over the past year.

"When I was at camp I had a chance to really work with Coach O'Brien. I got a crash course on the Duke offensive system. In two hours he showed us what the Duke system was and then he started quizzing us and making us react. I really liked that, because it was just like on the field – you have to react. I think he'll really help me. "

"I had gotten to know Coach Roof when I went to Duke in the winter for their junior day event. Both he and Coach O'Brien were really sincere and they have to program going in the right direction."

Despite his high opinions of his future coaches, it took Cappetto a while before he was able to share the good news of his commitment with them.

"Coach Strollo is my recruiting coordinator, so I called him and told him I wanted to be at Duke. But it was during the vacation week for all the coaches, so I couldn't talk to either Coach O'Brien or Coach Roof. Coach O'Brien emailed me a few days ago and said he'd call when he got back in town, but that he was really excited and he looked forward to working with me. "

"Then, last night, I finally had a chance to talk to Coach Roof – he was really excited and said he loved the way I played on film, and he was very impressed with me at the camps."

With the recruiting process now behind him, Mike and his family will trip to Duke in mid-July to showcase the campus to the remainder his family. Then he'll return home to begin working on back-to-back state titles for Brother Rice.

"I think we're going to be very good this year. We are a lot farther along from where we were at this point last year. We have a lot of depth and I think we're stacked at every position. I'm excited to get out there."

Cappetto will be a three-year varsity starter in 2006. As a sophomore, he led Brother Rice to a 10-1 record and this past season he led his team to a 12-2 record and a state championship.

Once his high school season is behind him, Mike will begin to focus on making the adjustment from high school to college.

"Everyone in college is a lot faster than in high school, so I'll need to spend time getting bigger and working on my speed. I am going to spend my first year red-shirting and then I'm going to go in and compete for the spot. I'm not going to college to sit on the bench. I love competition, and that's why I'm going to Duke."

Cappetto measures out at just over 6-foot-5 and 210 pounds. His best time in the forty yard dash is 4.77. In the weight room he bench presses 185 pounds 13 times, and has a vertical jump of 32.5 inches.

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