Duke Leads For In-State Prospect

When he arrived at Duke's one day camp in early June, Adam Banks was a relative unknown in the class of 2007. Over the course of the day, Banks would test out very well on a number of different drills to eventually earn a scholarship offer from the Blue Devils. Now, nearly a month later, Banks says he can see the end of the recruiting process approaching.

"Right now I'm looking to make a decision around the first of August," says AC Reynolds standout Adam Banks. "It's important to me to have it behind me before I start my senior season."

That senior season is likely to be one of many accomplishments if his junior season is any indicator. As a junior Banks collected 101 tackles including 15 for a loss earning All-Conference, and All-Western North Carolina honors in 2005 while playing defensive end for Reynolds – a position he could play in college, depending on his destination.

"Right now a couple of the schools are recruiting me to play at defensive end, while some of the others are looking for me to come in and play as a big linebacker."

The schools in question all have one thing in common – an address on Tobacco Road. The Big Four, as ACC Historians have dubbed Duke, North Carolina, NC State, and Wake Forest, are all in the hunt for Banks' commitment from the instate crop of Division I talent.

"I don't think there is any question – I am going to end up playing in the ACC. My final choice is going to come from one of those four schools," says Banks.

According to Adam, one of those schools has a very real and distinct advantage over the other three.

"I think it's fair to call Duke my leader. The education at Duke is second to none, and it makes it really, really attractive to me and my family. I did well at their camp and they were very quick to offer me a scholarship. Coach Sherrod is my recruiting coach and he's always in touch."

Still, being considered the leader for any prospect is tenuous for any program as minds can quickly change and commitments offered to ‘dark horses' seemingly out of no where. However, Banks doesn't anticipate that happening with him.

"Right now I don't see anyone really moving Duke off the top of my list. I mean it would have to be something really, really amazing that I haven't seen yet. But I don't think that's going to happen."

Banks, who measures 6-foot-5 and 230 pounds, ran a pair of 4.59 forties at Duke's one day camp. In the weight room he has twin maxes of 300lbs in both the bench press and power clean.

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