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Oakton, Va. Cornerback Emani Fenton has received his first scholarship recently and he is also hearing from some other schools as well. The 5-foot-9, 168-pound product of Flint Hill High School talked a little bit about those schools showing interest.

"I am hearing from Cornell and a few other Ivy League schools," Fenton said. "I also am hearing from Wisconsin, Indiana, Duke, North Carolina, California, and Virginia. I actually visited Cornell recently and they offered me a written scholarship on the visit."

Fenton was definitely excited about the Cornell scholarship offer and he was impressed with the visit as well. "The coach pulled me aside at Cornell and offered me a scholarship," Fenton said. "I was really grateful and excited. The campus was huge and I just really loved it. I also really like the coaching staff and you can't argue against the education there, it is the top of the line."

Fenton does have a few favorites but they are certainly not finalists. "I like all the Ivy League schools, because they would be good for life after football," Fenton said. "I also like North Carolina a lot but I am pretty wide open."

Fenton has a few characteristics that he finds most important for his future school as well. "I would say academics are a top priority," Fenton said. "I don't really think that location is going to be an issue. I just want to play for a solid, respectable coaching staff that will hopefully play me early."

Fenton has a personal best forty-time of 4.59 seconds and he ran a 4.25 shuttle at a combine at Rutgers. Fenton also participated in the Scholar Athlete Football Combine in Washington, D.C. and the combine in Durham, North Carolina.

Fenton is willing to go anywhere this summer as he is planning out some visits. "I am going to be going to Temple, Villanova, Wisconsin, Duke, Memphis, and West Point this summer," Fenton said. "I am open to go anywhere else as well."

Fenton is hoping to make a decision before training camp for his high school if it is possible. He took the SAT's in April and scored a 1670 on the new scale. Fenton also boasts a 3.2 GPA.

In addition to his strong academics, Fenton also excelled on the football field last season with over 50 tackles, over 10 passes defended, and six interceptions.

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