Georgia WR Enjoyed Duke Trip

Though he had to push the visit to Durham back a week (one that included the start of high school two-a-days no less), Georgia wideout Austin Kelly came away from his unofficial visit to Duke very impressed. After spending nearly two full days on campus, could a decision be on tap for the big receiver?

"The visit went really well," said South Cobb (Austell (Ga.) standout Austin Kelly. "The trip was all about my mom seeing the campus and having some real questions answered by the coaches. We had a lot of fun the whole time we were there."

Kelly, who measures 6-foot-4, 200 pounds, and runs a 4.46 forty, spent his first day getting to know several of the incoming freshmen including freshman quarterback Thaddeus Lewis and defensive back Leon Wright.

"Those guys really surprised me when I got there. The team isn't just from North or South Carolina. They've got guys from Miami, New York, Texas, and several other places. I was kind of worried about that, but they have just as many people from big cities as they do small towns. I didn't really expect that."

In addition to getting to know the newest Blue Devils and receiver coach Scottie Montgomery, Kelly spent time picking their brains on topics ranging from the direction of the program, the kind of coaches on staff, and the academic demands of being a Duke football player.

"That was something I was really worried about with Duke – I mean that kind of education isn't something they just give out. I talked with the players and they assured me that any time you get into a class where you need some help, the coaches and academic advisors get you a tutor immediately. Duke graduates all their players, and that's because they always have people ready to help you."

"I talked to some of the players and asked about their high school GPAs and SAT scores, and I actually am doing better than some of them – which made me feel good. It makes me think I can go there and be effective on the field and in the classroom."

In addition to the Blue Devils, Kelly has offers from Indiana and Middle Tennessee State. Meanwhile Georgia Tech has long been flirting with the big receiver, while Memphis has just begun to heavily recruit him. Still, Duke could have the inside track after a strong weekend.

"On the way back home my parents and I talked about the opportunity at Duke. That education is the best in Division One, and my parents are set with that part of it. I agree with them, you can't get a better education than the one they are offering me at Duke."

Aside from the player and coaches introductions and talks, Kelly had a chance to tour the West Campus.

"It was like nothing I'd ever seen. It's a big place, but it's really beautiful. I had a chance to tour it all and to visit Duke Chapel, which was like nothing I'd ever seen or been to before. Not a lot places have something like that."

As far as a timetable goes, Kelly says he'd like to have his decision behind him when his football season kicks off on September 1st.

"That's the goal, and I've got a lot of thinking to do right now. If I can't get it done by then, I will go with it and take it into the season. I talked to Coach Roof about it and he's being really cool. He told me that it's my decision and no one else's. He doesn't want to push me or rush me. And that's really cool. Duke is basically telling me that I can come in and get a great education while having a lot of fun playing football."

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