One On One With Matt Rumsey

Duke's lone returning offensive lineman, junior center Matt Rumsey, sat down with TDD on Tuesday for a question and answer session. Rumsey, who has played 831 snaps in two years projects as a very valuable player for the Blue Devils in 2006.

Clearly the offensive line has been an area of concern heading into the preseason, how do you feel the group is looking so far?

Matt Rumsey: I think we're making improvements. We have a lot of guys who are stepping into new roles and that can be a good thing. We've had a really good off season and that is paying off for us in practice.

Could you be considered the wily old veteran?

I've gotten a good deal of experience to this point of my career, but I'm not to the point where I don't learn new things on a daily basis. There are several players in this league who have played a lot more than I have -- just not on this team.

Does the relative inexperience of your teammates concern you?

Not really. I mean most of the guys have played at some point. They may not have been starters, but they've been in the program for a while and have put in the work for as long as they've been here. Zach Maurides, Fred Roland, and guys like that know what it takes to be successful. They just haven't had their shot to do that yet.

Being the most experienced player on the line, what kind of leadership responsibilities have you taken on?

As a center I have to be a leader anyway, so it's not that much different. I just go out there and try to use the experiences I've gained over the past few years to get better. I also try to use them to help the newer guys have less of a learning curve.

What are your impressions of the freshmen linemen?

They are all very big guys. All of them have been impressive at times this preseason. They all make mistakes, but they can also all compete at this level.

You've missed a few practices with a concussion, are there any lingering effects?

No, I will be ready to go. We're just playing it safe.

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