Quotes: Duke vs. Va Tech

Coach Roof, Cody Lowe, Mike Tauiliili, and Marcus Jones spoke to the media after the game

Ted Roof

We knew they were a big-play outfit and we put a big emphasis on that. Then on the first series, we give up a big play and then they return a punt for a touchdown. They were a better football team today.

On Thaddeus Lewis Being Knocked Out Of The Game
The game plan changed a bit after that. The unfortunate part of this game is injury. He's a tough kid and took some shots in there and he'll be ready to go against Virginia. He was out of it for a while after the head-to-head hit, but he's tough and he'll be back.

On Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones did some good things and we just have to get him on the perimeter and let him make some athletic plays. He made some good plays in the third quarter a run and a pass.

On The Off Week
We have to get better in every area and we'll get back to work and get that done. We're going to go back to some fundamental work and get some people healthy and do some evaluations on what we like and don't like and work from there.

On The Positives So Far This Season
The thing I've like so far is that we've never quit. We've done a good job against the run and we have to find a way to be a consistent football team.

Marcus Jones

On Playing Wide Receiver And Quarterback
We had some plays set up for me at wide receive but couldn't get those plays run because of the situation. Then Thad went down and I had to switch gears. It just takes a play or two for me to adjust. A handoff or a pass, then I am ready to go. At wide receiver, now I know the routes and what they need to be. It wasn't as bad as last year.

On What's Next
We need to go back and put this behind us today and tomorrow and go to practice Monday. We have two weeks to prepare and we have some work to get done.

Michael Tauiliili

On The Big Plays
That's what we try to minimize out at practice. It's always the x-plays that puts a team over the top. Those are the ones that hurt the most.

On The Defensive Game Plan
We had a great defensive plan and it was up to us to execute it. For the most part, we executed it, like I said it was the x-plays that hurt us. Early in the game, we were missing some tackles. Those are the fundamentals that come down to the players. We're put in the right place, we need to make plays.

On The Open Week
It's good that we have an open week. We'll have time to go back and look at film of the first three games and we have two weeks to look for Virginia and there shouldn't be any excuses.

Cody Lowe

On The Big Plays
Stopping those big plays, that's the biggest thing we have to do. Anything over 20 yards is not good and those plays change the game. We need to get some work done on that.

On Thad Lewis And Marcus Jones
We believe in Marcus and know he steps up and makes a good job. It's unfortunate that Thad got hit and put out of the game but we know Marucs can get it done, too.

On The Open Week
This one makes you upset and sick to your stomach, but it's a wake up call. This game is over and now it's time to get back to work. It's time to look forward to Virginia, we have two weeks.

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