Q&A With Thaddeus Lewis

On Wednesday, Duke freshman quarterback Thaddeus Lewis sat down with members of the local media following the Blue Devils' practice session.

On how he's feeling and his recovery:
"I'm good. I'm feeling really good actually. The recovery was okay. Nothing was broken."

On taking the hit versus Virginia Tech:
"I didn't really see it coming. I was focusing on my teammate; I saw him catch the ball and then I got hit. It's out of my hands. I can't do anything about it, but I guess it's all just a part of football."

On sliding when running in the open field:
"My coaches are telling me that I need to learn how to slide sometimes instead of going in head first, so it was just when I had no more field and when they got close, the natural instinct was to go down and slide."

On Virginia Tech's defense:
"That defense was good. It was a new environment, but by the second half I was feeling really comfortable. I would say that (Virginia Tech) was the best team we've played, so it was challenging."

On what it was like back on the sideline in the second half when he came back:
"I was okay; I was attentive. There was nothing wrong, I was just hurting to be a cheerleader and not being out there helping my team. The best thing I could do was try to lift up my team and encourage them to keep playing hard."

On how he's handling being on the field:
"You just have to go out there, be yourself, and don't change. You need to approach the game the same. We're going to have different opponents, better opponents, but even when we got off to a slow start we kind of picked it up. When we play Virginia we're just going to have to do it against Virginia."

On his expectations for himself and the team:
"I don't really have any expectations. We just have to take it one game at a time and focus on the opponent and our game plan and just go out there on Saturdays and execute."

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