Ohio DE Thinking Hard About Duke

Ohio Defensive End Charlie Hatcher (6-3.5, 250, 4.8) says he'll visit Duke

Ohio defensive end Charlie Hatcher (6-3.5, 250, 4.8), from Hamilton High School in Hamilton, said he now favors Stanford (offer), Michigan State, Ohio State, Duke (offer) and Maryland (offer)--since Vanderbilt told him they're now filled. Hatcher denies a leader, whereas he previously favored Ohio State.

"I am looking for the best academics and good football," Hatcher said. "Stanford and Duke are both tops in academics -- very sound, but neither is really in the lead because I haven't had the time to see them (on a visit).

"I've been so focused on our season that I haven't had much time to consider visiting. But I did make an unofficial visit to Michigan State for their home opener (Idaho), and they said they will make a decision in a week about whether to offer.

"Basically, I've done everything they asked me -- coming up to talk to recruiting coach Dan Enos after the game. He coaches quarterbacks or wide receivers I think. And the line coach watched my films. Now it's up to the head coach after he sees some more of my films.

"They stand a really good chance with me if they offer, because they have an up-and-coming program. They've been making a stand, despite some tough situations the last two weeks, " he said. "I think they will dominate in the next few years. And they're not bad academically.

"Stanford Coach Walt Harris -- I think he coaches the quarterbacks -- and Coach Nate Nelson, the recruiting coordinator from Stanford, are organizing a visit for myself and other recruits. I don't know what the plans are yet.

"And I get a call a week from Coach (John) Strollo at Duke," he added. "I am a bit concerned there because Duke says they're getting close to how many they can take so I am going to take warning calls more seriously, especially since Vanderbilt pulled my offer.

"If they (Duke) did call like next week and say they're running out of space, then I'd sit down and think about it. I would have a meeting with my parents and Jim Place, my head coach, for input if I was pushed to decide," Hatcher said.

"I want to wait a few weeks after the season before I commit, but that might not be possible, since the schools are getting close to filling up. I do plan to make official visits to Stanford and Duke in December, with my parents.

"They just give input, but the decision is mine to make. And I'm not sure the pressure (from Duke) would influence my decision if I have not seen the schools. Everything really rests on my visits to the schools before I can commit. Stanford says it's all right to wait, and Duke has not really put the pressure on yet. Plenty of other schools are interested, so I'm really not that worried.

"All the schools say they'll give me a chance at defensive end, and if that doesn't work out, they'd put more weight on me and make me a defensive tackle. I don't mind playing inside, but I would have my best chance at defensive end with Stanford and Duke. Ohio State, I think would probably have me play inside.

"Maryland just came out of nowhere with a scholarship offer two to three months ago, and they do have good academics. I just get letters now.

"Vanderbilt was one of the first schools to offer, and they had been one of my main interests," Hatcher said. "But now they say they are filled, but will keep me on the list if something opens up. If that were to happen, they would be in my top five, replacing Maryland.

"I've had two and a half sacks (2-4 record) and I wanna say 38 total tackles. I'm hard to block and pretty athletic for my size. And I gained a lot of strength through the new strength program introduced by our new strength coach."

Hatcher reports a 3.5 core GPA and a 25 ACT--"I'm not going to retake it. I feel it's pretty solid."

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