Quotes: Duke vs. Alabama

Several Blue Devils met the media after Saturday's loss to Alabama

Ted Roof

"Well I think it was a good locker room at halftime. We had been through that at Wake Forest. We had learned from it. I thought our kids came out in the second half ready to play. The third quarter was 16-14, so it came down to who was going to win the fourth quarter. We turned it over there. You go back to the first half and we fumbled going in at the goal line. The missed field goal I thought was a little bit of a momentum swing. If we could have knocked that through the sticks, I thought we would have some momentum going. But, I give credit to Alabama."

First Half Effort:
"Not just the effort in the first half, the effort in the second half was there too. It was some execution problems there in the fourth quarter that came back to bite us. It cost us the football game. We have to keep going and find a way to make a couple of more plays."

Re'quan Boyette

"We are satisfied with the way we played, but we are not satisfied with the results."

"After the Wake Forest game, my confidence kind of went down, but through practice and different things like that, I realized that I needed to step up my game. I wasn't playing to my ability. I just used that as motivation to do whatever it takes for my team to win."

Clifford Harris

On the option
"It was planned. We watched the Florida film. We saw how Chris Leak and Tim Tebow did it. We kind of practiced that this week. I had the experience with the option in high school. We just spiced up the offense a little bit."

"I guess we are encouraged a little bit. We know that we can play with good teams. But a loss is a loss. Nobody is going to feel good about a loss. I think it is going to help us looking forward to next week, playing another good team. I think it is going to encourage us to know that we can play with other teams."

Codey Lowe

"The game plan was to attack and to get after them as much as we could."

On penalties
"You have to play aggressive, but you have got to play smart. Sometimes it's hard to find that line."

"We were excited to be up at halftime, but at the same time you have to look at it as a 0-0 game come the second half. You can't let up or slow down. You have to keep fighting and keep attacking."

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