Quotes: Duke vs. Florida State

Several Blue Devils met the media after Saturday's loss to Florida State

Duke Head Coach Ted Roof

On big plays swinging the momentum of the game:
"It certainly swung it early. We talked about getting out of the gate and fighting through adversity. I thought we fought back and had a chance to make it a 10-point game right there before the half, but didn't finish the drive. Then boom they came out on the first play of the second half and stick a long one in. That was a big swing in the game right there."

On John Talley:
"That was a nice break, he made a good play. It was a big score that gave us some momentum there and got us back on the board. We had another defensive score-- had a safety today. Vince Oghobaase had a big tackle for a loss there in the endzone. The ensuing punt after the safety resulted in a field goal so that was five more points as a result of that. John has made some big plays for us and he needs to continue to do so."

"We didn't get a whole lot of pressure on the passer. As a result of that we had suffered a couple of injuries at corner so we were down bodies there. A guy who had split time during the practice week between safety and nickel where he plays in Glenn Williams. As an emergency corner and unfortunately he was more than an emergency corner today. We didn't get it done."

On moving on and playing Miami:
"I was pleased that we were able to get some take-a-ways defensively today. We did a good job there. Also, in the end we had the big return on special teams. We didn't cover very well in the game. We have to make sure we are getting these things worked out and not beating ourselves. Certainly, Florida State made a lot of plays. We have to keep building and keep going and I expect our team to do that. We are going to stay together and keep fighting. It is a touch process right now but our kids are going to get there. The only way is to keep working."

Freshman Vince Oghobaase

On scoring today with a safety:
"I knew it was a critical time on the field as they were on the minus one yard line and I knew I had to make a play. I knew he was going to put me off on the block, number 75, so I just beat him on and into the backfield."

"This week in the practice we were stressing turnovers and trying to win the turnover battle. That is what we did. We had a few picks but we have to execute better."

"I don't want to take anything away from Florida State, they are a very good ball team. They were the better ball team today. They executed today and we didn't."

Sophomore Jabari Marshall

On breaking the big return late in the second half:
"It was all about my team. They blocked for me and I just did what I was supposed to do."

On the importance of the special teams making plays:
"It is a game of field position so special teams are what they say they are-- they are special. They get us in the right position to make plays and touchdowns on the shorter field."

Sophomore Eron Riley

On scoring the late touchdown:
"Better late than never I think. I wish I would have gotten another one earlier. I had some opportunities playing the bear route. Me and my quarterback miscommunicated early right before the half, which messed us up."

On attacking the corners with the deep ball:
"Coming in we thought we had the advantage on them after watching tape. They are a good team, don't get me wrong. Their corners had given up some big plays in previous games so we tried to exploit that early."

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