Quotes: Duke vs. Shaw

Quotes from head coach Mike Krzyzewski, junior DeMarcus Nelson, and freshman Jon Scheyer following Duke's win over Shaw.

Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement:
"Our guys played hard and we were very balanced. We have a talent differential in our favor but I thought we played as hard as them and unselfishly. This was the first college game – even if it's a non-record game – for our freshmen and I thought they handled it pretty well. We're just going to turn around and come back against North Carolina Central and go from there."

On Jon Scheyer:
"He's a good scorer. He's better off the ball but this experience of being with the ball is a good one because then he can start with Greg [Paulus] but can also back him up. It gives us a good rotation. The game tonight, because they played a lot of zone, he didn't face pressure all down the court so when he got down the court he wasn't distracted. That was a big part of it. He was able to face the basket and be at a pretty good tempo because of the way they were trying to play defense against us."

On Greg Paulus' progress:
"There is a chance that he'll be ready for our first regular season game but we'll know more Monday and Tuesday. He's coming along well. We don't want to push it; I know he wants to be ready for the first game but it's not his decision."

On how not playing is affecting Greg Paulus' leadership role:
"In some ways it helps him. One thing about being a leader is that you have to find out how to lead depending on your situation. When you're out on the court sometimes you're directing and not leading. He knows his team better right now and he would tell you that. He talks to the guys a lot. He has kept his spirit and it's been good talk. He's been very supportive of his teammates and he's been a really good leader. I think that's helped our team and it's helped him and his recovery."

On David McClure:
"He can play defense. He's a good athlete and a team player. He's solid. He kept a lot of balls alive today and he's a very good defender. Because he's strong, he can cover a number of different positions. He's a good player. He worked really hard this summer down in Florida and is about 12 pounds lighter and in very good shape. He's just a good, solid player."

On North Carolina Central:
"It's a great thing. We share a great city. Johnny Dawkins' wife is a graduate of North Carolina Central and got her law degree there. We pull for them. We've done it before but this year I think it's even better that we're doing it. I hope that both teams play well. It will be a nice celebration of Durham because we have two such classy universities."

DeMarcus Nelson

"I thought we played really well tonight. We wanted to come out and establish ourselves first defensively and contest the passing lanes, get some good ball pressure, rebound and just try to force them to take tough shots. I think we did a great job of that. You saw us get in the passing lanes a lot and get a lot of steals and just get out and run."

"It was a good test for us. It was a real game atmosphere, playing against different opponents. You have to line up against somebody that you don't know in front of your fans, and now it's time to execute our gameplan. It was good, especially since we have a young team. It was good for those guys to get out there and play against somebody else and to continue to do the things we do in practice against somebody else. I thought it was a good performance by our whole team, especially our young guys."

On the ball-handling responsibilities with Greg Paulus out:
"We all just have to take on that responsibility. It's a team game. Our point guard is out, but that doesn't mean other guys can't handle the ball. Jon [Scheyer] did a great job handling the ball tonight, I played some point tonight, and Josh [McRoberts] played some point tonight. It's going to be a collective responsibility for us to take care of the ball until [Greg Paulus] gets back."

Jon Scheyer

"I'm just trying to adjust to bringing the ball up. It's a new thing for me. I've been working really hard on my shot, just staying with it, and I just shot the ball with confidence today and it went in. I think your mind is so caught up in getting your team in the offense and passing the ball, but I still have to have a scorer's mindset, making plays whether it's for myself or other people."

"I'm getting more comfortable with what we're doing. I'm starting to talk to Greg [Paulus] a little more and asking him what he thinks about this or about that, and I'm just playing. I'm not trying to think too much. I'm just going out there and playing."

"I don't actually [feel any pressure bringing the ball up] because Josh [McRoberts] will bring it up sometimes and DeMarcus [Nelson] can bring it up. I'm bringing it up most of the time, but I'm also doing a lot of other things. I think it's good for Josh too because he's such a good passer and he's so tall he can see over everybody and make great plays. So when he's bringing it up I'm getting ready to hit an open shot or cut to the basket because I know he'll hit me or hit somebody."

"The hardest thing is the constant pressure. You have to be in charge of everything, talking all the time, bringing the ball up - it's tiring. It's tough bringing it up. I'm in better shape now from the last two weeks just bringing it up. I have my legs more. I think the other night I was missing short a lot, but now I have my legs under me a little more."

On his defensive play
"I was going to ask the coaches to watch tape on that tomorrow because this is the first game we've played, first time I've been on the ball. So I think that's something I'm learning too. It's going to be better for us in the long run and better for me in the long run."

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