Quotes: Duke vs. NCCU

Quotes from the Blue Devils following the conclusion of the exhibition season

Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement:
"[N.C.] Central is a good team. They're well-coached and you can tell that they're getting ready to go Division I. The talent level has increased with them and they've done a really good job of putting in a system. I think overall we played well. We made mental errors tonight; not knowing team foul situations. Three times we made plays and were almost out of bounds; we should have called a time-out but each time we threw it away. Those are we things we have to learn especially with our point guard out. We need to have more people thinking as a team in those situations."

On Martynas Pocius' play:
"He played really well. He and David [McClure] were kind of a boost. These are the first two games for some of these kids, so they are anxious and they are a little bit more tired. It's a big thing and that's what we're going to have to monitor throughout the whole year, how we handle games being so close together."

On how the freshmen's defense is coming along:
"Pretty good. We forced almost 30 turnovers in each of the games. That means they're playing hard. Obviously they have a ways to go before they're playing the kind of defense I'd like to play but their effort is really good. We all need to talk more and play a team game on defense. That has to come in time."

On what he'd like to see his team do more:
"I really like my team. I was on them tonight more than I've been on them because of mental errors. They have to learn that. It's a disjointed game with so many fouls. What happens there with a young team is that you start thinking of what you are supposed to do, just you, instead of what we're supposed to do. I'm not saying there weren't fouls – there were a lot of fouls – but then it wasn't a quick-moving game.

On continuing to play N.C. Central:
"We'll see when they get Division I next year. We just have to see how it works with our total schedule. This has been a good thing; I think it was a great day to show the camaraderie between the two schools. I know our students invited a lot of N.C. Central students to sit in the student section; that's never done. We'll think about it. They do a nice job and they're good kids who are very well-coached. I think they'll do well in their league and we wish them well."

Josh McRoberts

On where he has seen the team improve the most:
"I think executing our offense well. We didn't execute very well tonight but I think we're doing better than where we started. I think everybody is getting a better understanding of what everybody is supposed to do."

On how the freshmen are adjusting to the defensive gameplan:
"I think as a freshman you always need to work on your defense more. Not because they're not good defenders but because it's so much of a different system than what everybody is used to. I struggled with that until the end of the year last year and towards the end of the year I started to get better. It's something that is tough to adjust to but they're doing a lot better job than what we did last year."

David McClure

On how the team has grown together and how the freshmen are adjusting to college basketball:
"I think we've grown the most in just learning to play together. We're all young and most guys it's their first couple of games. Just getting used to playing in front of people and playing against other real skill competition because college competition is better than the top high school competition. It's such a transition and most people don't know what to expect. I think all of these games are going to be good to prepare us for the start of the season and in the ACC."

On what the team can work on heading into the regular season:
"Just to really be ready. I think we had a false sense of security after playing Shaw. We went out there and we were able to kind of run on them and we were bigger than them. I think now we're really going to have to start getting used to understanding that there is going to be that big guy [on the opposing team]. These teams are going to be organized and it's going to help us pay more attention to detail and be ready for the next game."

Jon Scheyer

On tonight's game and preparing for the start of the regular season:
"It was a really good win. All of us know that there is a lot that we can improve on and that's why these are exhibition games, they're dress rehearsal for next week. I think we're going to have a hard week of practice and I know we'll watch film from this game and learn a lot of stuff from it. I think it was a good experience for us and I think all of us are excited to start a real game finally."

On what he needs to improve on heading into the regular season:
"I think the main thing is just staying aggressive and staying in attack mode. Sometimes I get a little too passive and laid back. I just need to stay in attack mode and stay with that mindset whether that's for my shot or for handing it to other guys, whatever it is, I need to stay in that mode."

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