Quotes: Duke vs. Columbia

Quotes from head coach Mike Krzyzewski on the heels of his team's 43 point opening night win.

Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement:
"I thought our guys played very hard and so did Columbia. We expected them to be a veteran team, which they are, and they're well-coached. They had a good game plan against us. We had to play really hard to win and we won big because everybody who came in the game for us played hard. We matched them in effort. I was particularly pleased with our three veterans – Josh [McRoberts], DeMarcus [Nelson] and Greg [Paulus] – I didn't think they forced anything. To see Greg out there for about 20 minutes after only practicing a couple days was really good. Obviously he'll keep getting better and better. The veterans didn't force things; they wanted their teammates to get involved. I like the fact that our veterans don't feel like, in a game where we're winning pretty big, that they need some superficial stats to show how good they are. They want to work on developing our team."

On feeding the ball to Brian [Zoubek] in the second half:
"It came out of the flow. Our guys are getting to know each other a little bit. They could see that he really wanted the ball. The thing about Brian is that he'll pass the ball, too. If we cut or relocate off of him, our guys have no problem getting it to him. He has good footwork. He was really well-coached in high school; all of our freshmen were."

On Greg Paulus:
"His first day back, three days ago, he was a whirlwind in practice. He had six deflections and four steals. The next day his foot was fine but his hamstrings were sore because he hadn't been in a defensive stance for a long time. He just got progressively better after that. I know he was a little anxious tonight; a couple of his shots were just in and out. He had seven assists and one turnover. His two fouls in the first half were silly. He'll be fine. It was encouraging to have him back."

On the freshmen:
"All four freshmen are good players; they have different skill sets. Jon [Scheyer] because of Greg [Paulus] being out has been able to play the point, too, so he becomes a little more versatile. Lance [Thomas] is athletic and can cover a three, four or five. Brian [Zoubek] is unique. Gerald [Henderson] is a unique athlete and he missed most of the preseason with numerous injuries. When he gets into really good shape, he'll just keep getting better. They're all good and we're going to need them."

On the depth that showed tonight:
"I don't know if we'll be able to do that every game. Some of that had to do with the fact that they went small. Brian [Zoubek] I think only played six minutes in the first half. At halftime we said we'd start him if they went big and we'd start Lance [Thomas] if they went small. Knowing that we don't have to pace ourselves is very important. We have guys with multiple skill sets. Jon [Scheyer] can play with Greg [Paulus] or replace him. DeMarcus [Nelson] can be out there, too. Dave [McClure] can play the three or four. I thought he did a good job tonight. He had six rebounds; it makes me wish we had him last year. He's such a solid basketball player and it's good to see him recovered.

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