Quotes: Duke vs. North Carolina

Head coach Ted Roof, Tielor Robinson, and Patrick Bailey met the media following the loss to UNC

Head Coach Ted Roof

On going for two points at the end of the game:
"There was no discussion; I make that decision. We had the momentum, I thought we had our kicking game straightened out and I felt good about going into overtime with where we were and being at home. Those are the decisions you make before the game. At home if we tie it up against any team, if we tie it up at the end of the ballgame, we're going to take the tie and go into overtime and use our home field advantage."

On the offense today:
"I thought the offensive game plan was good. There was a lot of variety. They did a good job keeping them off balance and I thought our players executed."

On seniors:
"There's nothing that I wanted more for those guys than a win. I thought they earned the right to have that with their dedication, effort and leadership - all the things that go into making a foundation for a football team. The real shame of it is that those guys made the foundation and they're not going to be here when the wins come. They're winners, they're leaders and they fought through and kept pounding on the rock. We wish we could have sent them out with a win but nothing diminishes their contributions they made to the program."

On positive things coming out of the season:
"We knew some of these things before the season started, but there are a lot of examples of the fine line between winning and losing and the importance of every single detail. We're not in the position to take anything for granted. We have to make sure all the details are buttoned up. We started to develop a little depth. We were missing some kids today and others stepped up and played well. I hope that we'll carry away and we'll remember this feeling we have right now, and we'll start our off-season going to work and building.

Tielor Robinson

On sending out the seniors:
"It's disappointing to send the seniors out like that. We really wanted to send them out with a win. They worked really hard while they were here. Their record may not show it, but they laid the foundation for us."

On what the returnees can take away from this season:
"I think in the close games – Wake Forest, Alabama – we were really poised, especially with the young team we have. I think you take that away along with how we execute in the big games."

On what's next:
"I'm looking forward to the off-season. It's time to work and for the new leaders to step up and take over this team just like this year's seniors did. Hopefully we'll be able to do that."

Patrick Bailey

On his touchdown return:
"It was exciting. They shifted it over and I happened to get the back on that play, and he ran a little slip-screen."

On what he can take away from this season:
"There has been a lot of excitement. We've made some plays; we can do it. It's hard to see the seniors who have come back day after day go out like this. It's just a shame that they won't be here when we turn it all around."

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