Quotes: Duke vs. Georgetown

Coach K, Josh McRoberts, Greg Paulus, and Jon Scheyer met the media following Saturday's win

Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement:
"We respect [Georgetown's] program and their kids ultimately. We knew that, physically, they would be better with starting [DaJuan] Summers, [Jeff] Green and [Roy] Hibbert. We weren't going to be able to match up that way. In the first half I thought Brian [Zoubek] and Marty [Pocius] really held the ship afloat for us. They were good. Marty gave us a boost [at the start of the second half] and so did Brian. I thought Gerald [Henderson] and Jon [Scheyer] responded well; they did not play well in the first half and that's going to happen, but they didn't wait until the next game to play well. They played well in the second half. DeMarcus [Nelson] has been our rock the whole time. I thought Josh [McRoberts] played like a star tonight. He made some really big things happen. He's become a really good defensive player. With Greg [Paulus], obviously this has been his best game of the season. He finished a couple times on drives – he and Jon – that were manly finishes. I'm proud of our guys; the crowd was great. It was just one of those good Saturday nights to be in here and we were fortunate to win. We unbelievably respect Georgetown and what they are doing and their kids. It's been a heck of a series."

On starting Greg Paulus:
"It's not a big decision. It's just a matter of when you do it. Not having him in there was also trying to get other guys off because he was only going to play 20-something minutes. We were just trying to figure out when those minutes were. Tonight we said it's time to break some limits; you have to play more than 20 minutes and go after it. He got off to a little bit of a shaky start but then he really showed a lot of poise and toughness. He's still not in the shape that he will be in, but he played with a lot of courage tonight and did a good job on [Jonathan] Wallace. I like Wallace; he's a really good guard and their best shooter and he only had seven points which was a big thing for us."

On defensive adjustments in the second half:
"Our defense has been really good. It shows how much these kids are together and want to play well. It hasn't translated yet on offense but tonight it did at times. We stopped fouling them. Part of that was that we changed our point of pick up; it was more at the top of the key and we switched everything which is a little bit like zone. Then we added the doubling of the post so they couldn't get a fluid move into the lane and would have to shoot over along the baseline. Our kids executed."

On this year's team:
"It's all good. Last year it was a veteran team; we would run plays for J.J. [Redick] and we had a chance of hitting it or getting the rebound. With this team, you have to pick out who you're going to call the plays for and no one has really stepped up in that regard. So, it's like a team that has to score together. I really love my team. This is a big win. I got a little emotional at the end of the game tonight. A lot of times at Duke when we have a veteran team, winning is taken for granted. Our locker room was great tonight and I wanted to set the stage for that on the court. I have to be hard on them but they also have to see us have fun with them."

Sophomore Josh McRoberts
"Defense is kind of what we've been hanging our hat on. Everybody's been talking about that. We played pretty well defensively and some guys stepped up big on the offensive end when we needed them to."

On Duke's first-half struggles:
"Whenever anybody asks me about problems, I always say, ‘I wish I knew because then I'd fix them.' I don't know what it was. We just weren't moving very well on offense or defense. [In the second half], we made some changes defensively mainly. They got a couple of back doors which is what we wanted to take away. That was disappointing, so we came out and kind of changed up the defense a little bit, actually just kind of started playing the way we were supposed to from the start."

On the play of Greg Paulus:
"He stepped up bigger than I've ever seen. That was the best game I've ever seen him play. He really stepped up big when we needed him."

Sophomore Greg Paulus
On his strong play in the second half:
"A lot of guys made some plays. You know Josh [McRoberts] is making plays and he's making drives. Jon [Scheyer] made a couple of big shots for us by getting to the foul line. It's going to open up a lot of seems and a lot of area for me to drive."

"It was a tight game and it was a great game. Those are the games we like to play in, where we're making those kind of plays to help us win. I did feel comfortable out there, and it feels good to win."

On his key layup late in the game:
"It was a long rebound and I saw two Georgetown guys and I think I even saw Jon Scheyer coming. Everybody was going to get it and I felt if I tried to jump and tried to run then I would've been called for a travel. So I just tried to tip it up to myself and try to push it because I didn't see anybody in front of me. If they were all set up, I was going to pull the ball out, but I saw a little seam and just tried to be aggressive and take it to the basket."

"The foot was ok. In that kind of game, you're thinking about what do I have to do to help us - do I have to get a long rebound, do I have to double team in the post? I wasn't thinking about my foot at all."

Freshman Jon Scheyer
"Once we started to score a little bit, they had to slow it down, and we really made them run their sets I think. They really didn't know what to do. We were putting good pressure on the ball and playing really good team defense. So that was a big difference."

On his second half contributions:
"I needed to be there more for my team. I wasn't ready to play in the first half, so in the second half I was going to do whatever I needed to do for the team. And it happened that I made a couple of layups - it was nothing big but it was a great feeling, being there for my team. The best part was our team defense and getting stops on the defensive end. That was big."

"[Georgetown] is really good, even though they're 4-3 right now. They came to play today especially. I think they really wanted to come out and get this win. We knew it would be high level. They kind of came out and hit us with the first punches, and we can't let that happen. So in the second half, we kind of came back and re-focused. We just played. I think that's the best job we've done all year of just playing instead of thinking so much."

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