Quotes: Duke vs. Holy Cross

Quotes from the Blue Devils following Wednesday night's game with Holy Cross

Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement:
"Holy Cross really played a very good game against us, which we expected. The atmosphere in here tonight was not like Saturday, obviously, and when you have that many empty seats that's going to happen. They took control of the tempo of the game and made us play every possession. They played more of those possessions better than we did. Their defense was not a pressing defense but it forced us into standing. In the first half, we had 12 turnovers and only two assists. We just didn't attack it well and to their credit, they played their defense well. In the second half I thought we got great light defensively from Dave [McClure] and Lance [Thomas]. Gerald [Henderson] made three big plays. He hit those two threes, but the biggest play, probably of the game, was his rebound of a missed free throw, dishing it out to DeMarcus [Nelson] to put us up 38-34. Those plays equaled nine points and in this game, nine points was a lot. I thought our defense in the second half was excellent and we didn't foul as much. We just have to keep getting better and we can't turn the ball over 20 times. Our defense has saved us; thank goodness for that."

On the offense:
"There has to be leadership, especially when it's not in front of our bench. Our offense is always a little bit better in the second half when we have more control over it. We need that leadership when it's on the other end. We just have to get better."

On energy plays:
"There were a number of energy plays. Gerald gave us great energy, so did Dave with the steal and Lance had eight rebounds. A big stat for us is the turnovers and the fact that two of the kids that shouldn't have the ball very much had nine of them. Why does that happen? There-in lies the problem. Not that those kids are bad players; the fact that they have nine turnovers and no assists on our team tells a story and that's the story we have to change."

On the mental state of the team tonight in the first half:
"This is the toughest week academically for our kids; it's the week before exams. They have assignments due and some of them have tests. There is a lot of pressure on them so their mind-share for this game is tougher. It doesn't mean it's impossible and we've talked about it. You say, let's beat that. I need to give credit to Holy Cross because they put you in a position by controlling the tempo and being organized and well-coached, to where maybe you have to think more. It's not that we didn't come ready to think, we didn't think hard enough or deep enough."

Freshman Gerald Henderson

"We won the game, but we didn't start the first half the way we wanted to and we didn't come ready to play. You have to give Holy Cross credit. They set the tone for the game, but in the second half we got some energy and pulled the win out."

On his two key three pointers in the second half:
"I try to come off the bench and give a spark. Luckily the shots went down for me, and we were able to pull away toward the end. I just felt like, coming off the bench, I needed to bring energy and do something to get us up."

"We're still learning to play with each other, and it will come with just practice and repetition. We're going to be a better team."

On the locker room at halftime:
"Everyone was just kind of disappointed with the way we came out [in the first half]. It's just not acceptable here. We have standards for ourselves, and we didn't abide by those standards, so we had to pick it up. Just playing hard and being competitive - we didn't bring that to the table in the first half. We picked it up in the second half, but it has to be the whole game."

Freshman Jon Scheyer

On the locker room at halftime:
"It definitely wasn't a positive one, and it shouldn't have been. There's no excuse for what happened. They completely outplayed us and we should never be outworked and outplayed, and that's what happened tonight and that's what we need to learn from. Bottom line, we got the win and that's what's most important. However we get it done is how we get it done, but we definitely have a lot to work on. We're going to come back and practice hard tomorrow and get ready for George Mason because they'll be tough just like this team tonight."

"We should never get beat to loose balls and offensive rebounds and things like that. I think we took for granted that fact that we were going to win and luckily we ended up winning, but we need to play a lot harder right from the beginning."

"I think guys are really thinking hard. Sometimes when you have a lot of turnovers instead of just playing you're just thinking too much. I think guys just need to play and come ready to focus, including myself. If we come ready to play and we're thinking and talking, we're going to make the right plays and not turn over the ball as much."

Sophomore David McClure

"We should always be ready. I think we were ready to come out and really have everything start to work. And then they came in the way that they did, attacking us and really trying to penetrate the ball. Tory Thomas on that team is a tremendous leader and he's always making commands and he was just really strong with the ball out there. I think it kind of just knocked us back and once we realized that we were down, we really weren't expecting it. But you have to give them a lot of credit on that."

"[Teams] are coming in here and they're not afraid of us. They're coming in and they're playing their butts off and they're attacking us. They're not afraid of Duke. It's something that we've got to try and reinstill. We have to try and prove that we are a good team and we're going to be a strong team down the road."

"As a team, I think we're expecting to come in and just be Duke. Right now it's not happening. We have to earn it. Teams are coming in and are playing their butts off against just and really putting us to the test. I think a lot of times we're not ready for it. Once we start to come ready for games, our offense will come."

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