Quotes: Duke vs. George Mason

Jon Scheyer, Josh McRoberts, and DeMarcus Nelson met the media following Saturday's win

Freshman Jon Scheyer

"We came out just being aggressive, and I think the biggest thing was that we didn't turn the ball over as much. And we just played and had fun playing. Our defense was there again, which was big for us too."

On his three-point shooting in this game
"It was just me playing. My teammates, they still tell me after the game to stop passing up shots. It's great when you have your teammates behind you, supporting you. Today I came out with some confidence, and I didn't even start out shooting the ball that well, but I just stayed with it because the coaches and my teammates have confidence in me."

On the end of the first half
"Coach always talks about the end of halves, the clock and little game situations like that and how important it is. So that's why right there we had a good lineup on the floor and we were like, ‘Let's push it right here. We can really do this against this team.' And we ended up pushing the lead at halftime, which gave us a lot of momentum.

"We have final exams this week, so we have to take our schoolwork seriously. But, at the same time, this could be a big chance for us to really take a huge step forward. Again, we didn't have as much time to practice and really improve as much as we can, so I think this week we'll definitely get our offense going even more and stay in shape and get ready for our next game."

Sophomore Josh McRoberts

"I'm really comfortable out there. Obviously, I'll get shots to fall eventually and everything else is coming along all right. But I'm excited about how we played today.

"[Getting out in transition] definitely gives us confidence, especially when you get down there, get a few plays at the rim and finish and hit threes in transition. Especially for us, we've got guys who are athletic enough to get out there and run. That really helps."

On the upcoming break between games
"I think we'll turn it into a good thing. Obviously after any game where you play well you wish you could go out and play tomorrow. But with the coaching staff we have, they're definitely going to make it a positive, and we'll be ready the next time we come out."

Junior DeMarcus Nelson

"We just have to play 40 minutes. Our emphasis this game was to come out, have a very aggressive mindset, offensively and defensively, mainly offensively though because we felt like that was the area of our game that we needed to develop faster. So wanted to come out here with an aggressive mindset but also share the ball with each other and just take the shots that were given to us.

"We did a really good job of taking care of the ball tonight and sharing the ball. I think our assist-to-turnover ratio was about two to one, and when you take care of the ball and people are taking care of the ball, you're going to get good results."

On his success this year
"I know right now mentally I'm somewhat stronger than I was in the past. Freshman year, I had the injury on my right hand, so that pretty much threw that off. Then last year, being hurt and coming back and playing a mental game with yourself just kind of stops you from playing well. I feel great, my body is feeling great, and my mind is feeling great. I think the biggest adjustment is just mentally - knowing where I'm supposed to be, knowing what kind of player that I am, and just playing to my strengths."

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