Gordon Enjoys Trip Down Tobacco Road

While Coach K's current team was on the court Saturday taking out George Mason, there was one special member of the famous "Cameron Crazies" enjoying the show from the front row. It was none other than 2008 California big man prospect Drew Gordon.

"I had a chance to visit North Carolina and Duke this weekend," said San Jose Archbishop Mitty (Calif.) power forward Drew Gordon. "It was really great to get a chance to see both programs up close. I really learned a lot about both."

Gordon arrived in the Triangle area on Friday before taking in Duke's match up with George Mason at noon on Saturday. Afterwards he made the eight mile journey to Chapel Hill to watch the Tar Heels face High Point, making for a busy day of college basketball.

"Both games were really fun to watch. North Carolina's speed was really something. I liked the way they get out and run. Duke was playing a harder team, and they are a lot more structured in the way they do things. I thought they really played well considering how many young players they have playing big roles."

Both programs offered the 6-foot-9, 240 pound big forward a chance to meet all the players and coaches - something Gordon admits he was looking forward to.

"It was really great to meet them. I really liked Roy Williams and it was cool to have a chance to sit and talk basketball with him. I grew up following Duke, and when I met Coach K I had to kind of hold it in a little bit. I mean you don't want to lose your cool, but I was definitely letting everything he said to me soak up. I think I held it together pretty well."

And what were some of the tidbits Krzyzewski offered?

"He really likes my overall game - the way I run the court, my post moves, the way I handle the rock, and the way I block shots. But he pointed out one negative -- he thinks I am a little too unselfish at times. We talked about me becoming more aggressive this season, which is something I took to heart."

Though he followed the Blue Devils on the court, Gordon never had seen much of the Duke campus. However, a Saturday morning tour remedied that.

"The campus is just beautiful. All the gothic architecture and the towers everywhere make it one of a kind. I didn't know it, but the buildings are all made out of something called 'Duke-brick' because they have their own rock quarry. It's really an old-school, and almost retro atmosphere there. It's hard not to be impressed."

Once he completed the tour, Gordon took his seat behind the Duke bench as most recruits do when on a visit. Unlike most recruits, however, he ended up walking across the court to become the most noticeable Cameron Crazy in the house.

"I was talking to them before the game, and then I saw them put my name on the white board midway through the first half. I went over at halftime and decided to stick around."

"It was great being in that environment. Cameron may be a bit small, but when it gets rocking like it was it's Crazy and I got to be right in the middle of it -- and that was during Final Exams, but it was still as loud as it could be. I have to admit it was really entertaining to be in there. Some of the cheers had me laughing out loud."

Such as?

"They did all kinds, one was a Carolina Baby, and then they did Go To Hell Carolina. They also got on the George Mason guys pretty hard. They really stepped up the energy and the team seems to feed off it."

With both coaches and programs making good impressions on Gordon, his recruitment by the Tobacco Road duo strangely remains on a slower pace than at other programs. Though he says that's by design.

"Both coaches and I know where we stand on things since they've talked to my high school coach a lot. Neither school has offered me a scholarship yet because they don't want to appear like they are filling up or step on anyone's ego. That's cool with me. I'm not in any rush to decide. The best advice I've gotten about the recruiting process is to just take your time and not make any rash decisions. When it's time, it's time."

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