Quotes: Duke vs. Virginia Tech

Coach K, Demarcus Nelson, Josh McRoberts, and Jon Scheyer met the media following Saturday's loss

Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement:
"First of all I want to congratulate Virginia Tech. They're a veteran team and are very well-coached. Their two guards are terrific in handling the tempo of the game. They get points and assists and they don't turn it over very much. The key to the ball game really is the differential in turnovers. We had 22 and they had seven. We were fortunate to be in a position where we might win and I think a lot of that had to do with our defense. I thought we really played well defensively in the second half and in overtime. Our offense did not help our defense. They had 20 point off of turnovers but we had a lot of empty possessions. Again, they played good defense. They're a good team and they deserve to win with their care of the ball and their understanding of game situations. DeMarcus [Nelson] hit a huge shot for us to give us an opportunity to go into overtime and that kind-of saved us. They were better than we were in the last couple minutes of regulation; DeMarcus had a big play. In the overtime it was back and forth. We have to know time and score. With those last two shots, we thought Jon [Scheyer] was wide open and didn't see him. When you're down by two, you don't try a three; you try to take it to the basket. You don't do those things. If you do, you might have a chance to win a game but they were probably better than you. But, at least you want to give yourself that opportunity. The biggest story is the differential in turnovers."

On Greg Paulus' play today:
"It's not just the turnovers, it's that is who we practice with so if he's not on the court then you put different guys in different positions and you don't want to be doing that stuff in the ACC. You don't want your wide receiver playing quarterback. It was obviously not a good game for him."

On the Virginia Tech guards:
"They've been good; not just today. You get two senior guards, they control tempo, you're not going to be able to press them, they give everybody confidence and they allow other guys to rest a little bit. They can take a blow on offense which makes their defense better because they'll handle the ball for extended periods of time. They just know the game. They've been good for as long as I've been here. I really respect them. It puts them in a position to play against anybody because of those two guys."

On the last play:
"I don't know if you coach anybody to do that. You have to know time and score. If you're down by three, you're going to take a three, if you're down by two you should drive it to the basket. We didn't do that. That was a mistake which we're all responsible for. You have to drive hoping you get two points and we didn't do that."

On having such a young team:
"I'm not going to use that as an excuse; that's who we are. We all need to be hungry again. In this decade we have won about 85 percent of our games, a lot more than anybody. We are not those teams or that Duke and we are not that Cameron [Indoor Stadium]. I'm not blaming [anyone]; everyone just has to be hungrier. I've been saying that all season. We've won and our guys have done a good job, and they did a good job in the second half on defense today or we wouldn't have been in a position to win the game. We didn't have leadership offensively the whole game."

Junior DeMarcus Nelson:

"It was a hard-fought game out there. Virginia Tech came out and they came to win today. They played us very strong the whole way, and we definitely had a lot of opportunities to win the game, but we didn't capitalize on those opportunities. You just have to credit Virginia Tech. They came in here, they us played strong and they believed they could win and they did."

On Virginia Tech guards Jamon Gordon and Zabian Dowdell:
"They're very tough match-ups. With the way the offense goes, a lot of their stuff almost every possession is going to one of those guys, so it really puts a lot of pressure on the defense to guard those guys every single possession. Coming off screens, they're good drivers and good mid-range players. They just attack and put a lot of pressure on defenses."

"We have to be better with the ball. There were a lot of chances that we had down the stretch and we didn't get good shots. We turned the ball over, and there were a lot of missed free throws. There were a lot of things that we did today to shoot ourselves in the foot. That's what really hurts the most about this loss. You have to credit Virginia Tech. They came out here and capitalized on all those opportunities that we gave them."

Sophomore Josh McRoberts:

"It does hurt. They deserve it though. We didn't deserve to win. We played the worst we could've played."

On whether last year's game gave Virginia Tech any edge:
"I don't think they had any edge coming in. We have different team totally from what we had last year. They played good defense, but we just played bad. We didn't play tough. Not to take anything away from them – obviously they're a very good team. They had us last year obviously. They're a good team. But we just played bad."

"I felt confident [going into overtime]. DeMarcus [Nelson] hit a big shot. We never played well. We were still playing bad. But he hit that big shot and sent us into overtime. I felt pretty confident. We kind of got another chance at it and didn't capitalize."

"We've got to get tougher. We've had close games, but in the ACC you're not going to win every close game like that. We've got to get tougher and we've got to get better obviously."

Freshman Jon Scheyer:

"It was a game where we had a lot of chances. We had a lot of different plays and different things we could've down the stretch, but they took advantage of it and we didn't I think. It's a really tough loss, especially on our home court."

On his first ACC game:
"Going into [the ACC season], you know every game is going to be a battle, and I expected a battle tonight. It's really physical, but that's something that I was fine with. The intensity was higher I think. We brought the intensity up only a few times during the game. It wasn't consistent, so that's something that hurt us."

On Virginia Tech guards Jamon Gordon and Zabian Dowdell:
"We knew they were going to go to them, especially down the stretch. They're good players and they run off a lot of screens and make you chase them and play good defense on them. They hit some tough shots down the stretch."

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