Coach K Teleconference Quotes

Quotes from Coach Mike Krzyzewski's weekly ACC teleconference

Opening Statement:
"What a great performance Virginia Tech had against us on Saturday. Their two guards were just terrific. Seth [Greenburg] did a good job with preparation and his kids executed so well. [Zabian] Dowdell and [Jamon] Gordon were fabulous. It's obviously a tough loss for us but now we go on the road, and our goal is to keep getting better."

On teaching communication:
"We try to teach three systems to every team – offense, defense and communication. The younger you are the more you have to teach communication. Our kids work really hard and they try and they want to do their best, but because they're young – for a few of them [Saturday] was their first ACC game – they become a little more quiet and they're thinking about what they're supposed to do. They're not in a position where they're looking to help one another out as much and that is really a point of emphasis for us. It has been, and is our most important plan of emphasis as we're going forward. How do we become friends on the court? How are you talking to each other on the court so that we can play as one? That's what they want to do; it's just a matter of happening. It's really one of the toughest things to teach, but your question is right on target because that was our point of emphasis yesterday [in practice] and again today."

On lower scoring and fewer possessions this season:
"It just kind of evolved. The greatest thing about points is whatever your differential is. If you're scoring 80 and you're giving up 70, that's a good differential. I'm never that concerned about how many, just as long as we have a positive differential, especially at the end of a ballgame. The style will be dictated by how many guys you have, their experience and things like that, and you adjust accordingly."

On Greg Paulus:
"You just be honest and try to figure out why those things happen. The best thing that a good player can have is amnesia; you forget about who you were the last game, whether it be good or bad, and you become who you're supposed to be in the next game. That's part of being tough and that's part of being a good player. Whether you have a high level of success or a bad game, you have to do the same thing. We believe in Greg and we believe he's a good player and he's shown that and he'll do that in future."

On Greg Paulus' injuries factoring into his play:
"It's somewhat of a factor. He's in good shape, it's the amount of reps and where you're at. Obviously he would be better right now if he weren't out for five weeks then wasn't sick and then didn't dislocate his finger. He hasn't had continuity and that has its impact. He's ready to go and he's healthy enough to play well and hopefully he can keep working out. It's been a tough time for him, as it would be with any player, with his injuries and for us, we're looking at him to be the point guard and that hurts us a little bit. That's part of the game; it happens to every team, not every year, and you just move forward in a positive way."

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