Quotes: Duke vs. NC State

Coach K and NC State's Sidney Lowe met the media following Duke's victory

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski

"Our guys played well today, they (especially) played well on the defensive end. I respect NC State and outside of our fans I love theirs the most. They support their team so well, and for us to play so well in this environment I'm very pleased."

"We responded well to this quick turnaround. We spread the ball on the offensive end, and we forced turnovers on defense. We got a high percentage of good shots, and we never lost that point differential. The last 11 days were tough, good days. Hopefully we grew up some as a team."

"We are becoming better as a team. We prepared with passion, and played with passion. We may not win them all, but we have to keep growing and we will keep getting better."

"I thought Josh (McRoberts) did a good job on (Ben) McCauley. They run their offense through him in the low post, and that opens up a lot of three-point chances because he is such a good passer. On McCauley's first shot, Josh left his feet (on a pump fake) and we were luck the shot was missed. The rest of the game I don't think Josh left his feet until McCauley's final move."

N.C. State coach Sidney Lowe

"The game was very discouraging from the start, especially with the way we came out. We were too distracted and kept turning the ball over. We didn't execute the pass the way we should have and our guys were trying to do too much."

"I told the guys that a bad shot is worse than a turnover. We just didn't come out focused. We need to get better at playing the game the way it should be played, and we need to learn what it takes to beat teams in this conference. Until we know how to do those things the other team will keep beating us."

"We hurt ourselves in so many ways. We missed a couple lay-ups, and I can deal with that. What I care about is the defensive end and covering the other team the way we should. Some of our guys didn't show up tonight and that was what upset me the most."

"A big problem was our inability to keep the ball in front of us. We couldn't control it. Duke kept their big guys in front, found the open men, and that's how they kept getting all those shots on us."

"He [DeMarcus Nelson] is a tough kid and did a good job for Duke, but we didn't do what we're supposed to do. We're going against guys like him in this league and we should be able to defend against them."

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