Quotes: Duke vs. Clemson

Head coach Mike Krzyzewski met the media following Thursday's victory over Clemson

Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement
"We won a great game. They play such good defense and we play really good defense too. They wear you down and they have good depth and are obviously well-coached and well-disciplined. Those last 10 minutes our kids had to be men because I thought [Clemson] was stronger than us. Nothing against our guys; they were just stronger. Guys had to make some big plays. We played really well. For us to out-rebound them 40-24 shows the effort that my guys had the whole night. I thought we were very deserving to win. We could not put the ball in the basket at times. I'm really proud of our guys. The last few minutes of the first half were our best. We knew they weren't going to let up or anything. The last 12 seconds of the game, we made a mistake. That kid [Vernon] Hamilton is a heck of a player. We threw the ball to him but he still had to hit it. We had a timeout left and we weren't going to get it to half court and call a timeout. We felt like we could just push it. They actually took away what we had diagramed, but Jon [Scheyer] made a play and Dave [McClure] made a shot. It's not an easy shot. It was a great win. I want to thank our crowd; everybody in the gym was terrific. As much as our team followed the game plan, no player followed it better than our sixth man. Our sixth man was terrific. They understood, they were there, and I think it carried over to the whole gymnasium. It was one of those magical nights in Cameron [Indoor Stadium]. I really want to thank the crowd and especially the students for understanding and for being hungry."

On David McClure
"He got hurt right away, even in his freshman year. He is very stable. He doesn't get up or down, he's dependable. He makes simple, terrific plays. It's not just his defense, but his rebounding. He had to play more minutes tonight because Lance [Thomas] just wasn't ready. With Dave, it gives us a chance to switch. He can guard perimeter guys and then if they try to mismatch, then we would have doubled the mismatch. It takes them out of their offense."

On the growth of the team
"In this league, at this level, you have to learn to play tired well. You have to fight through tired and you have to find something. You can't really teach that in practice. It has to be taught with game experience. We have more game experience and we practice them really hard. Our guys hit big free throws [tonight]. For Jon [Scheyer] and Gerald [Henderson] to go up to the line and hit those shots, those are big plays that no one will talk about."

On the last play
"Jon [Scheyer] was the guy I wanted to get the ball, but I was hoping he would get it more at half court. I told him to just take it to the basket. I put DeMarcus [Nelson] in the corner and I said just throw it to him and he would have a three. When you catch the ball, you have four seconds. You can go to the basket and you might get fouled and if Jon gets fouled, he's going to hit one of them. Instead, [James] Mays did a good job of pushing him up and he got it at the top of the key, but he still had that mindset to push. Then he pushed and he made a play. That's all Jon and Dave [McClure's] play."

On the team's rebounding
"I'm amazed at the 40-24 stat. That's why I think our kids were so deserving to win. I thought [Clemson] played well, I just thought we played a little bit better and it showed up in the offensive rebounding."

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