Quotes: Duke vs. Boston College

Head coach Mike Krzyzewski met the media following Sunday's victory over Boston College

Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement
"We're ecstatic about the win. We have utmost respect for Boston College; they have three of the best players in the league in [Jared] Dudley, [Sean] Marshall and [Tyrese] Rice. Their big kids, especially [Shamari] Spears, played well today. We had to play well. I thought our defense was excellent. The last couple minutes of the first half I think was the critical time in the ballgame. Every once in a while a player plays above and DeMarcus [Nelson] for those few minutes was the best player on the court. He shot us into an eight-point lead. It was so good to see and I love that. A kid who did that for us a number of times – Shelden Williams – got to see a younger player know that he can do that. I thought Dave's defense in helping Greg [Paulus] with Rice was critical. Lance [Thomas] played really well. I'm really proud of our guys and really concerned about Dave [McClure]. I don't have any word on that. It's the knee he was out there for a whole year. These last five games there has been nobody more important than McClure. The initial thing is that we don't think it's unbelievably serious but it's serious enough that he couldn't play."

On Josh McRoberts continuing the defensive tradition of Shelden Williams
"I knew Josh would be good on defense but he's really become outstanding on defense. He's like a little bit of a protector. He hasn't done that the whole year, it's kind of like he evolved into it because we play better defense than we did last year. Him anchoring us this year is not like Shelden anchoring us, but it's very good. We have to make sure we don't allow too much penetration because that's how he gets in foul trouble, kind of like what they used to try to do to Shelden. Josh has done a great job on the defensive end."

On Boston College without Williams
"[To prepare] I watched the games that he hasn't played in. Everyone changes. The thing about it is that they've been off since Tuesday, so in watching those two games we didn't know if there would be something new from them. They're going to do something a little bit different. Their big guys played really well today. [Shamari] Spears is a load and [Tyrelle] Blair played off of people well. I thought they played pretty well. I don't think we allowed them into their normal area of deployment as much."

On the team's rebounding
"We've been rebounding well. It seemed like they got second shots, but we got a lot of second shots too. We had a lot of offensive rebounds and we out-rebounded them. They put you in positions to foul them because they're crafty and good. Then when the shot goes up, their offense is right around the basket and not spread. You have to work your butt off to just stay in there. That's where Josh [McRoberts'] rebounds are so big."

On the importance of the ACC standings
"We want to be an NCAA team. Nobody gives you an NCAA berth; you have to earn it and you have to earn it in the conference, and we have the toughest conference schedule this year. It just worked out that way. Every game is huge. Our league is a league right now in the way people are playing in close games, you could get seven teams in. Our league is the best league. You cheer for the other teams when you're playing someone else. [North Carolina's] win over Arizona was huge for our league and we need to talk about that as a league. I'm not saying the other leagues aren't really good. There's not an easy out in our league. We should talk about the league. Our league is terrific and it always has been."

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