Quotes: Duke vs. Florida State

Head coach Mike Krzyzewski met the media following Sunday's loss to Florida State

Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement
"It was as hard a loss as you can get. The kids were so ready to play and we started off great then we got all those fouls. It was two different 10 minutes because there were two different teams on the court because of all the fouls. I thought Brian [Zoubek] did a good job of helping us to still have the lead at halftime. It was a really tough loss; our kids came ready to play. Florida State is a really good team. I thought we did a good job on [Al] Thornton; he's an All-American and one of the best players in the country. Their kids were tough and they made big shots. I thought Greg [Paulus] was magnificent. I thought he carried us. I couldn't ask more of my team than what they did. They put themselves in a position to win. The game is very difficult. We've won a number of games over the years in that situation and the exhilaration of winning I'm not sure matches the despair of not winning in those situations. There's just such a wide spectrum of emotion on one play and that's what makes this a great sport. I feel badly for our team. We've lost three very difficult games in conference, two in overtime and this one. They're playing well, they're fighting and they just have to keep doing that. It's not going to come easy. It's not because of lack of effort or preparation; these kids are playing their hearts out."

On the reaction of the Florida State players after the game
"I wasn't watching anybody; I was trying to console our players. They should be happy. With that ball bouncing around, when you see that, you think you're going to lose. Then when it doesn't go in and you've won, the emotion that comes out is so extreme. I was trying to console our guys because they had made valiant efforts."

On the last 30 seconds of the game
"We were trying to drive the ball and get to the foul line. I thought we had a good thing. I thought we had Greg [Paulus] going where he might get fouled. You have to sell it better. We were looking for a lay-up or a foul with Greg, and we were going to bring Jon [Scheyer] right after him if he wasn't open. We had the arrow and I thought we ran the play well, got it and put it up strong. It just didn't go in. It is what it is. We have to get ready for the next game. We get to play another number of games so let's play them. We can't feel sorry for ourselves. You can't do that and we won't because I won't allow that."

On Florida State's run in the first half
"When two good teams play, if one team spurts a little bit, usually the other team will spurt back. We played better than them for eight minutes and then they played better than us for eight minutes. You're just playing a game. I thought we were young in our aggressiveness. Josh [McRoberts'] two fouls changed the complexion of the game. We're not that deep or that good where you can do those types of things."

On looking towards North Carolina
"We should go on to the next play no matter what. Every game for us is a big game. Every game for us is as big as the North Carolina game is for the public. Wednesday's game will not be any different than this game. This was a huge game for us, as was Virginia, Boston College and every one. The making of a team does not happen as a result of one game, it happens as a result of a series of games and how you play them. That's what we're trying to do is become a really good team."

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