Tuesday Media Quotes

DURHAM, N.C. - Gerald Henderson, DeMarcus Nelson and Greg Paulus all sat down with the media Tuesday in anticipation of Duke's match-up with North Carolina Wednesday at 9 p.m. (RLF/ESPN). The three discuss the upcoming game and what it will mean for the Blue Devils, plus much more.

Junior DeMarcus Nelson

On Wednesday's game versus North Carolina:
"We've lost two games in a row and this is a very critical moment for our team's success. The game tomorrow is bigger than just playing North Carolina for us; it's about our season and it's about getting on the right path for success."

On coach Mike Krzyzewski's actions this week:
"Coach is always telling us the truth as far as where he thinks we're at and how we can get better. That's his approach. He's telling us where we could have been better and pointing out the things we didn't do well and what we need to do well to win tomorrow."

On executing last plays:
"That's the thing about basketball really. There are many plays to be made that can win or lose a game. It's a difference of one possession in two or three different games that can mean being at the top of our league. We're in the middle of the pack and that's the tough things about sports. We have to get better at executing those plays."

On the team's morale:
"Right now we're definitely angry; we lost two games that we felt we should have won. We have to use that anger as motivation for success tomorrow. I think when we're angry we're at our best and we have to learn how to use that better. Tomorrow's game is way bigger than North Carolina; it's about the Duke program."

Freshman Gerald Henderson

On Wednesday's game versus North Carolina:
"I just want to win the game, pretty much. We're in a hole here and it's a big game for us, Carolina-Duke or not. It's a big game for our team and for our program. It's about where you are in the league and your season. The NCAA Tournament is not just given to you. We still have some big games ahead of us but this next game is the biggest game we're going to play."

On shooting confidence after the Florida State game:
"We've had great games where we were hitting all our shots; we know we're good shooters and good drivers. When we use each other and help each other, eventually the shots will fall. That particular game they just weren't falling for us. We're all confident with our shooting capabilities."

On playing close games:
"If you play good teams, in most situations it will come down to the end. We feel like if we play our tough defense and shoot our shots, we're going to win. If we do the things we're supposed to do then we should beat teams."

Sophomore Greg Paulus

On Wednesday's game versus North Carolina:
"We treat every game the same. I understand the Carolina-Duke rivalry, but our approach to the game and preparation as far as scouting and practice times and everything has been the same since day one. Rivalry or not, whether you lose one or two in a row, you want to stop that streak. I'm sure that there will be a lot of energy and it'll be a good atmosphere with a lot of guys going after it."

On [North Carolina Guard] Ty Lawson:
"They do such a good job of pushing the ball in transition. They get a lot of easy baskets that he sets up for them. He's a great passer and he's also very quick. He can either go coast-to-coast or he can set the shooters up or get into the lane and fine the big guys who are good finishers."

On Coach Krzyzewski:
"He's got so much passion and is motivated every single day. He came in [this week] like he does every day, passionate, trying to get us better, watching the film and seeing where we can get better and correcting the mistakes that we made."

On losing last year at home to North Carolina:
"We took one here and we took one there. You try to protect your home court and that's what we need to. We didn't do I last time so we need to this time. They score a lot of points and they have a lot guys that can put up points in a hurry. We do have to do a good job of controlling tempo; we're not trying to get into a track meet because that's what they do well."

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