Quotes: Duke vs. Maryland

Head coach Mike Krzyzewski met the media following Saturday's loss to Maryland

Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening Statement:
"Maryland is playing lights-out basketball. They're really good. They played as well against us tonight as anybody has played against us all year. I think they could go against anybody. Their offense beat our defense. I thought their offense was very mature and our defense was very immature. We didn't communicate well and we didn't follow some of the things we would have liked to have done against their offense. We did not execute our game plan defensively. They were better and they deserved to win. I wish them luck. They can play. They showed what a veteran team looks like."

On Maryland's guards:
"They really handle the ball well and they advance it so quickly because they are athletic at each position. There is nobody who is slow on their team. They have that nice combination. They handle the ball round and they rebound. When it's all going like that, they have it, and not many teams have all that. They're difficult to defend anyway. I admire what they're doing. I wish them the best. Gary [Williams] has done a great job with that team. Those guys are really playing well. I thought we came out wanting to win. We had that burst where we tied the score then made a couple fundamental errors on the offensive end of the court which turned into fast breaks. When you make a mistake against them, they can score on you real quick."

On Maryland's shot-blocking:
"They shot block; that's what they do. When they do that, you have to go into them and try to get them into foul trouble or pass off. If the guy is coming over to block a shot, that means he's leaving his man. You just have to make the right play."

On Maryland's offense:
"They didn't penetrate that much. They fast-broke and then they curled. It's the same thing they did against North Carolina where they scored a lot of points. The first six times they ran it, we fouled them and they scored every time. You have to take that away from them."

On the ACC Tournament:
"We've been a league champion in [the regular season or tournament] or both for the last 10 years so it's just a different avenue. The ACC Tournament is important, as it always is for us, and the NCAA Tournament is more important. We just have to keep getting better. We're 22-8 and we have had as tough a schedule as anybody in the country. If you would look at on the road, Sundays and all that kind of stuff, this team has been put through a ringer and it's done a great job. My team has done a great job. It has a lot of life in it. Playing games like this will only make us better. We are only playing really good teams. After Maryland up there, a lot of people said we weren't going to make the NCAA Tournament, so our kids have done a great job. We just have to understand who we are and try to keep getting better and use this game as an example of not following a game plan. Maryland is playing as well as anybody so that's a good thing for us. If you do lose, you should lose to someone really good who has played well against you when you can learn from it."

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