For K and Roy, It's Time To Move On

What was already a bad end to a roller coaster of a season got just a little bit worse for Duke on Sunday afternoon with one unfortunate swipe at the ball. The arm swiping belonged to Gerald Henderson. The nose that popped was Tyler Hansbrough's. On Monday both Roy Williams and Mike Krzyzewski looked to move on.

After his forearm connected with the bridge of Hansbrough's nose, Gerald Henderson awaited his fate from an officiating crew that had little choice in the matter. The 6-foot-4 sophomore, who had been the Blue Devils' best player for most of the afternoon, was ejected from the game and immediately ineligible for Duke's ACC Tournament opener against a desperate NC State team.

A sentence that the Blue Devils will not challenge according to Krzyzewsksi.

"There's no appeal or review process, and he'll be suspended for one game - that's the way it is. The big thing for Gerald is his reputation. He's not that kind of player."

Try telling that to the thousands upon thousands of Internet message boarders who immediately began howling for the Duke freshman's eligibility for the rest of the season, and beyond. Ironically one of the lone voices of reason regarding the situation came from the man who coaches the player who suffered such a bad break.

"I know Gerald Henderson and his family and I think he's a wonderful kid and I don't there was any intention," said North Carolina's Roy Williams. "I do believe the officials made the correct call, but at the same time I don't believe Gerald is a bad youngster, and I don't believe it was anything intentional or premeditated. I wish everyone would allow us to move on."

Krzyzewski echoed his rival's statements.

"I think [the officials] did a good job. There's a lot going on in a short period of time. I don't blame anybody, I'm just saying that it's unfortunate, and the person it's most unfortunate for is Gerald, because [injuring Hansbrough] wasn't his intent and that's not what he was doing during that play. I believe that with all my heart...but that's the way it is."

Without Henderson the Blue Devils' road towards an eighth conference championship in nine seasons will be even bumpier. It all starts on Thursday night against a North Carolina State team looking to secure an invitation to the NIT. Sitting at 15-14 overall the Wolfpack, a loss would signal an end to head coach Sidney Lowe's first season at the helm of his alma mater.

The Blue Devils easily beat NC State in the only regular season match up, placing five players in double figures in an easy 79-56 win in Raleigh. Henderson contributed eight points off the bench in that one. This time, however, the Wolfpack will have the services of their defacto point guard Engin Astur. The 6-foot-4 senior was unavailable in the last game due to injury.

Meanwhile the Tar Heels will spend Thursday night enjoying their first round bye before playing the winner of the Clemson-Florida State game on Friday.

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