Singler Ready To Join The Duke Family

As his high school career comes closer and closer to an end, Kyle Singler is getting ready to move across the country to start his college career at Duke. Before he makes the move, the almost 6-9 forward from Medford (OR) South Medford is in Louisville competiting in this evening's McDonald's All-American game.

"It's been great, it's just been a terrific opportunity to go through and a lot of fun," said Singler of the McDonald's game. "It's something that you feel honored to be a part of."

After winning a state championship, the chance to play in the most storied of all high school All-Star games has been the perfect way to go out.

"It's been a great feeling, kind of going out on top," Singler told "It's definitely a good feeling and I couldn't picture any other way that it could be better. Being able to be a part of these All-Star games has been special."

An added bonus for the multi talented combo forward is that he gets to experience the McDonald's game with a pair of future teammates. While he's been rooming with one -- Taylor King -- the other -- Nolan Smith -- has been just as easy to find.

"I'm rooming with Taylor and Nolan's pretty easy to get along with because he's such a great guy," said Singler. "Being with Nolan and Taylor a bit more before we get to Duke has been really good and they are such great guys."

So, what exactly do the three future Blue Devils talk about when they get together?

"We've been talking about Duke a lot, and we all have high expectations," said Singler "We are all going to Duke looking to work hard, get better each and every day and just make the team better."

According to Singler, watching his future team play during the 2006-07 season was an interesting process.

"For me personally I kind of took away that they could have either won a whole bunch of games or gone the other way," said Singler. "There were a lot of games where they were in a dog fight almost each night so I don't want to say it was a rough season for them. But it was definitely a building season and a learning season with lots to take away from and work on."

Not lacking in confidence, Singler is certain of his ability to come and make a difference. He's not predicting that he'll score 20 points a game, he just wants to try and help to make those around him a little better.

"I see myself just doing the little things to make each player better in some sort of way," said Singler of where he fits into the equation. "I can see myself making plays for myself and others, anything I can to help the team."

In addition to spending time with King and Smith, Singler has also made a pitch to Patrick Patterson. In fact, all three of the Duke commitments have been working the power forward from West Virginia.

"Myself, Nolan and Taylor and have been recruiters on this trip," said Singler. "We're trying to push him and trying to sway him to the Duke way. He's kind of still up in the air and the decision's still up in the air but for us as a program it'd be great to sign him because we need a big man like him. From what I can tell he's a great player and a great person."

Finally, there is that cross country move that will occur during the summer. Coming from a close family, Singler knows that he's going to have to go through an adjustment but he's excited to be joining a new family in the process.

"Moving away from my family and traveling to the other side of the country will be kind of tough," Singler says of moving to Durham. "In my mind, I know that I'm going to be moving to a family that cares and that's the Duke family.

"I know I'm going to be in a good place and with good people and I have no worries and nothing but full confidence in the Duke staff and the people they are going to surround me with."

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