Q&A With The Duke Coaching Staff

After putting together a run that made 30 win seasons the rule instead of the exception, the Blue Devils managed just a 22-11 overall mark this past season. It brought a tremendous amount of negativity among one of the most loyal fan bases in the country. TDD had the opportunity to solicit questions regarding any topic to pose to assistants Steve Wojciechowski and Chris Collins.

After the invitation for this question and answer session arrived, premium subscribers were given the opportunity to pose as many questions as they could. Over the next week more than 300 submissions flowed in, of which we picked the most thought provoking. All but three of the final questions submitted were those of our premium subscribers - presented to Collins and Wojciechowski without edit.

Per the original invitation and instructions from Duke regarding this opportunity, we will present the answers received as part of our premium subscription service in a four part series.

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Below is a listing of each part of our interview as well as some of the questions we posed to the coaching staff. Click the links for their answers.

Part One: Current Roster & 2006-2007 Season
Is Duke concerned about the perceived lack of quickness in the backcourt? What are the off-season plans for players such as Lance Thomas, Gerald Henderson, Brian Zoubek, and Martynas Pocius? Who will be back at school over the summer? Did chemistry kill Duke in 2006-2007? Which players are expected to be leaders in 2007-2008?

Part Two: Recruiting:
What is Duke looking for in a recruit? Why does Duke recruit so few and offer even less? Will the strategy change? How has the NBA phenomenon affected Duke's recruiting? What is expected of the three signed recruits from the class of 2007? What is an official visit like for a prospect at Duke? What three things will determine if the Blue Devils will recruit a high school prospect?

Part Three: Coaching Philosophy & Strategy:
What do the coaches look at other than the obvious statistics? Why do you never hear about injuries at Duke? Is Zone a four letter word around Cameron? Why has Duke slowed down the offense? Will it ever return to the high scoring attack of the last decade? Why do the Devils seem to be wear down in March? Where did "stall ball" come from? Why is it here? How are the "go-to-guys" identified and when?

Part Four: The Dynamics Of Coaching At Duke:
Does Coach K encourage dissenting opinions? Which assistants coach which positions? Is the Blue Devil fan base spoiled and complacent? What do the coaches expect from the fans? What were the coaches' best memories as players at Duke? What has been the best moment of their coaching careers?

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