Low Country OL Wants More Offers

T.J. Johnson, the 6-4, 286 pound OL from Aynor High School is up to nine offers already. Since the beginning of the evaluation period, several coaches have been flocking to Aynor SC to check out the big man on campus. SCPrepNation.com caught up with Johnson for a quick Q&A to get the latest. Come inside for all the details.

T.J. Johnson has been a hot commodity in the 2008 recruiting class and his list of early offers is a direct indication of that. Recently Johnson sat down with Scout.com for a recruiting update.

S: Have you been on any campus visits?

TJ: Yes sir I've been to quite a few places. I've been to Clemson, North Carolina, South Carolina, Duke, and Kentucky.

S: Out of all the campus visits you've been on so far, which one did you enjoy the most?

TJ: I enjoyed all of them. Each school had something sort of unique about it.

S: With the evaluation period into full swing, who's been stopping by the school to check on you?

TJ: Let's see, Clemson came by; North Carolina, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, North Carolina State, Virginia, and Duke have all stopped by. I think South Carolina will be stopping by also.

S: Who has been recruiting you the hardest?

TJ: I'd probably say NC State, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt. Those three have probably been recruiting me the hardest.

S: Do you currently have a favorite?

TJ: Not really, it's sort of open. I'm hoping that I'll get some more offers after spring practice after more schools have watched me play. We'll see what happens, but I really don't have any favorites right now.

S: So you have nine offers… Who has offered you so far?

TJ: I have offers from North Carolina State, Maryland, Duke, Kentucky, East Carolina Vanderbilt, Troy, Marshall, and Tulane.

S: With camp season around the corner, have you been making any plans?

TJ: Yes sir. I'm going to the Clemson, and South Carolina camps, and I'll probably go to Tennessee and Florida State also. I may go to a few other ones, but I'm not exactly sure yet.

Scout.com will keep you up to speed with the latest on T.J. Johnson as the evaluation period continues to unfold.

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