NBAPA Camp Q&A: Daniel Orton

Coming into a camp setting like the one here in Charlottesville, there's going to be some changes as the over 100 players in attendance don't always get to play with their AAU teammates in an effort to spread the wealth of talent around to each team. In Daniel Orton's case, that adjustment is proving to be a learning experience.

During Thursday evening's session at the NBA Camp, Orton finds himself on the same team with AAU teammates Xavier Henry and Kyle Hardick, but unlike their usual summer sessions - Orton is playing on a different unit that the talented Henry. Orton touched on that subject in many others as he spoke with Steve Clark from after Thursday's Evening Action.

TDD: It seems like there's a difference for you in not playing with Xavier:

Daniel Orton: Yeah, I'll be honest, that's having an effect on my game. Playing AAU with Xavier, I'm used to snagging the rebounds and knowing that he is already streaking down the court waiting for my outlet pass. With the guy they are starting with Kyle's and I's unit (including Duke 09 prospect Terrell Vinson), he brings more of a rebounding presence than Xavier, so, I've had to adjust to that style.

It seems as though it's been a difficult adjustment to make, but a chance to learn as well.

Yeah, I've been learning a lot, that's for sure. I've been personally working with NBA big man Marc Jackson and he's taught me several new post moves. Aside from that, it has been an adjustment because the style of some of the players on my team are completely different from what I'm used to.

During the Spring you seemed to really relish mixing it up in the paint, but here you've been away from that area a good bit. Any particular reason?

Well, it's not exactly what I prefer to do, but here at camp, it's much more of an up and down game so I've been in transition a lot more, which means we're not running as much set offense as I'm used to with my AAU squad.

I understand your attended Oklahoma's Elite Camp a few weeks back. How did that go?

Yeah, it was ok. I mean, I wouldn't really call it an Elite Camp though. I've known the majority of that team for many years from playing AAU and High School ball with them, so, it was more like a lets get together and hang out and play some ball. It was still fun though.

Are you saying it wasn't what you were hoping for?

No, I wouldn't go that far. It's just I'm used to those guys, so I didn't really learn as much new stuff as if I went to another Elite Camp where I may have been playing with guys that I've never known.

Oklahoma is recruiting you pretty hard. Can you talk about your relationship with Coach Jeff Capel?

Yeah, well, it's him and one of the assistant coaches who are doing my recruitment. I really like the both of them, but I think they understand that just because I'm from Oklahoma, it doesn't mean that I won't look at schools that are out of the state.

On that note, are you more of a Big 12 guy, an SEC guy, or an ACC guy? DId you grow up watching any particular team more than another?

No, I just watched basketball pretty much growing up. I mean, I've got schools from a lot of conferences that are recruiting me, but I'm open to anybody. I'm not afraid to go to any school.

Now that June 15th has passed, are schools really staying in constant contact?

Yeah, there' s been a TON of schools contacting me. Coach K from Duke has been in regular contact through texting me. He actually called the first day that he could. Who else...oh yeah, Oklahoma of course. Kansas, there's just been a lot of schools. I'll tell you how hasn't been in much contact with me is Oklahoma State, I'm kinda surprised, being a in-state kid that they aren't recruiting me all that much, but it's ok.

Regarding Duke: You mentioned Coach K has been in contact a lot. How would you characterize their overall recruitment of you so far?

Well, I don't want to say too much, lets just say that they have been in regular contact with me and I like that. I'm really not ready to speak too much on my impressions of anyone right now though. I am appreciative that Duke is recruiting me, and I am definitely open to them. It's just not the right time for me to share too much on them right now.

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