NBAPA Camp Q&A: Terrell Vinson

One of the top swingmen on the Duke radar in the class of 2009 sat down with TDD over the weekend at NBA Camp to discuss where he currently sits in the recruiting process.

TDD: It seems like you've had a progressively better camp experience. What are your impressions of the week?

Terrell Vinson: Camp has been a lot of fun, getting to play with new teammates like Daniel Orton and Xavier Henry and others has taught me a lot. I feel like I've learned something new everyday, whether it be the dangers that are out there on the recruiting trail or how to work on my step back jumper. I'm so thankful that my parents and Coach sent me here.

Coming from Montrose Christian and the structured system, how did you react to the more free flowing aspect of the games here at camp?

Initially it was kind of hard because in my old system at school, I've got certain responsibilities. Here at camp I've been asked to do different things, like help out on the boards, run the floor a little bit more, stuff like that, so, overall, I've kinda grown used to the new way of doing things, it's definitely helped my game grow some more.

The evaluations most often associated with you focus on substance over flash. Is that reflective of your personality?

I guess you can say that, the main thing I try to do when I play is just help my team win. If that means I gotta handle the ball more or be aggressive in driving to the basket or even guarding a post player, I just try to do what needs to be done to win. That's what's counts to me, I want to win more than anything.

Is there a particular style of system you are looking for in a college?

Well no, not really, I mean, a lot of the colleges I'm looking at run very different systems, I think my versatility will allow me to be successful no matter what the system.

You mentioned that you are looking at different colleges, what schools are really staying in contact with you these days?

There's a good amount of them according to my coaches and my family, I know the ones that I really like and have heard from are Texas, Duke, North Carolina and Maryland.

It appears like your parents and coaches at Montrose are heavily involved in your recruitment. Can you elaborate on the roles they play?

I really like what they are doing, they are primarily handling my recruitment and all that comes with it. I'm a young kid and they want what's best for me, so, they take a lot of the pressure off and do the dealing with the coaches when they call.

So, when you mentioned Texas, Duke, North Carolina and Maryland as schools that you like, are they all in active communication with you, or are those just schools you have an interest in?

Oh no, they've all been in communication through phone calls and mail and all that. I don't do much talking with them, just here and there. I've visited Maryland a couple times to see some games, but that's about it.

The schools you mentioned are all very different in size of the student population and many other characteristics, do you have an opinion on what's a better fit for you?

No, I mean, I never look at it that way, I mean yeah, if you compare a Duke to lets say Texas, Duke is a much smaller school with a historical basketball program, while Texas has WAY more students to it. It doesn't really matter to me, I know what I'm looking for in a college.

Speaking of which, what factors are important to you, Terrell, in regards to your collegiate choice?

The first thing is, and this is very important is does the school have a really good practice and workout facility. I love to work on my game a lot and I really want the opportunity to work with good equipment. Secondly, I'm looking for a program where the guys are like teammates you know ? Like I want the guys on the team to not just be a bunch of basketball players, but friends off the court too, kinda like a family. Lastly, I'm looking for a place where I'm going to be challenged academically and also on the basketball court, I can't go to a program where I can just skate by, I want to get better when I go through college.

So, if you were to look at those schools that you mentioned, do you have any thoughts as to if they fit the bill for what you are looking for?

Well, I think all of them probably do in their own ways, I mean, I haven't taken a real close look yet at many programs, but schools like Duke and Texas and others are big time schools with good reputations, so, I'm not really worried about that.

Are you planning on setting up visits anytime soon to anywhere?

Well Coach has got me working on a lot of different things this summer and I'll probably play some AAU this summer on the weekends, so, I'd like to set up some visits, it just depends on if it works out.

Ok Terrell, last question, you mentioned Duke and North Carolina as two of your favorite schools, can you tell me what you like about them?

I think I like the same things about both. With Coach K and Coach Williams, you've got two coaches who are legends. Both their programs have had a lot of success over the years and they try to bring good people into their programs. I wouldn't say that either really stands out over each other right now in my mind, they're both excellent schools in my mind in their own ways and I'll definitely be considering them for my college choice.

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